A Winter Bucket List Update

I think it’s time for a quick update on the Winter Bucket List

2. See Father Christmas 

We saw Father Christmas twice on our adventure to Snowdonia you can read about the posts here: GreenWood Forest Park & Bounce Below

3.Move into the extension and host an extension warming party!
We’re getting there – we moved into the playroom last week.  I’ll write a proper update about this later though!

8. Decorate the tree(s)
We were so late doing the Christmas decorating this year by virtue of waiting to see where we were up to with the extension and hoping that we would have a bit more useable space.  We decorated the tree on Sunday morning.  Amy managed to ignore it for a while but yesterday she decided she was quite entertained by the baubles so Ben and Chloe spent a lot of the day taking baubles off her and hanging them higher up . . . our tree now looks a rare sight.  I now know exactly why we didn’t bother with the tree when Ben and Chloe were a similar age!  I’ll be glad to take it down again and put it away I’m afraid.

11. Buy some new Christmas decorations
As we decorated the tree so late we didn’t really buy any new decorations this year – just a fabulous little Father Christmas statue from Bodnant Garden.  We’ll need to buy some more next year though as we realised when we got everything out of the loft that quite a lot had been broken last year!

14. Watch some Christmas films

We’ve watched quite a few films over the last week or so; Home Alone, Muppets Most Wanted, Elf, a Micky Mouse Christmas.  There’s still some more I’d like to watch over the next week or so though!

15. Watch Ben and Chloe’s school nativity
This year we just had the one nativity to watch now that Ben and Chloe are at the same school.  Dave was due to be working so Uncle Will came to watch with me.  Ben and Chloe were both very excited to see him sitting there in the audience.  Unfortunately Ben and Chloe were sat at opposite ends of the hall so it was quite hard to see Chloe but she knew where we were and we kept catching her eye.  Ben was sat right in front of us and he sat beautifully, probably the best I’ve ever seen him sit in an assembly!  They’re both still singing all the songs now, I fear I may be listening to them in June!

16. Attend the fabulous Christmas themed wedding of Goose & Cesca
You can read all about our lovely weekend away for Goose & Cesca’s wedding here

So I think we’ve mad a good start on our Winter Bucket List to say we’re only three weeks in! 

1. Make the most of some Mummy & Amy time while the big two are at school
2. See Father Christmas – 12.12.14
3. Move into the extension and host an extension warming party! – Nearly there! 
4. Start Chloe’s swimming lessons
5. Find Ben break dancing lessons
6. Keep working towards my “Wedding Weight”
7. Write letters to Father Christmas
8. Decorate the tree(s)21.12.14
9. Get Amy out into her own room
10. Draw in the frost
11. Buy some new Christmas decorations – 13.12.14
12. Make snow angels
13. Go sledging
14. Watch some Christmas films
15. Watch Ben and Chloe’s school nativity –12.12.14
16. Attend the fabulous Christmas themed wedding of Goose & Cesca – 06.12.14
17. Host Christmas in our very own home for the first time!

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  1. January 1, 2015 / 9:17 pm

    Oh I love your Bucket Lists! You always do so well at them and gave me the enthusiasm to start my own 🙂 x

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