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Today is the first day of a new academic year for my team and one which brings with it lots of change.

My littlest girl started full time school.

Back to school - first day in Reception

Amy has actually been in Nursery at school for the last year so seeing her in uniform this morning and dropping her off at school wasn’t quite the wrench it could have been, we did all that last year.  However, today she starts full time.  Our #MummyandBo time has come to an end.

When Ben and Chloe were born, I was teaching full time (though only for a short time with Chloe before I moved onto supply).  Whereas Amy has only ever known me to teach part time, just two or three days out of the house tops.  This, combined with the fact that Amy is a November birthday compared to Ben and Chloe’s July, and as such she’s had a full year longer at home with me, means that we’ve had a lot of time just the two of us.  Realistically, by the end of the last academic year, we were down to just two afternoons a week together but I think we will both still miss that time.  (That said, we’re both ready for it!)

The move to Reception has also brought about changes to our childcare situation – Amy will no longer go to our childminder during term time and will attend out of school clubs with Ben and Chloe.  She’s excited about this, she sees it as being very grown up.  And, as the clubs are run by the same people who looked after her at playgroup, she already knows the building well and most of the adults.  Having all three children in the same place will make life much easier for me in terms of picking up and dropping off but I’m sad that it’s the end of an era with Ange – she’s been looking after one or other of my children for seven years now!

The new school year also sees Chloe move up the the Juniors.  Whilst this wouldn’t normally be such a big deal, at our school this means a whole new building on a completely different site so in many ways it’s like starting a completely new school – but with all your friends there!  Luckily for Chloe her best friends are in the same class as her and though she has been a little worried towards the end of the holidays, her nerves seemed to fall away when we bumped into her bestie on the way to school and she went in happily with barely a backward glance in my direction.

Ben is heading into Year 5 with the same teacher he had (and loved) last year but a whole new set of class mates as they’ve had a bit of a shake up and rather than him being in a Year 4 / 5 class as we had expected, he is now one of the very youngest children in a Year 5 / 6 class.  I think there’s around ten Year 5s in his class and he has been split from most of his friends – which he’s pretty gutted about but in all honesty I don’t think it’s a bad thing.  Ben has a tendency to not really concentrate or do his best in class so I’m hoping that splitting him up from his friends might give him the chance to get his head down – either that or he’ll just find new people to mess about with . . . time will tell!

Back to school September 2018

For nine years, I’ve had at least one of my children at home with me, for at least part of the week.  Today is the start of a whole new routine, one which sees me drop those lunch time Nursery pick ups and gives me two extra afternoons to work.  I think I will gain somewhere in the region of six hours a week.  I’m currently working out how best to organise my time – but that’s a whole other post.  For now I shall enjoy the peace and the fact that nobody is going to ask me for a drink for at least another five hours!



  1. September 4, 2018 / 10:52 am

    Bless, it’s such a big step. I felt this way last year, which was the only year all three were at primary together. I hope they have a great year, you enjoy the extra time to be productive and sending big hugs, as it’s huge for us mums xx

  2. September 8, 2018 / 9:14 pm

    My little girl also started School this week. She loved it. It’s such a big step for them, she even woke up this morning (Saturday) got dressed in her uniform all ready for school……. bless her! xx

    • Colette
      September 9, 2018 / 1:04 pm

      Oh bless her cottons! Was she disappointed when she realised she couldn’t go?

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