Summer 2018 – We survived!

Six weeks of summer holidays + a cheeky extra week off in Tenerife – in some ways I can’t believe the summer holidays are over but in others it feels like they’ve lasted forever.  I heard on the news today that 2018 has been a record breaking summer, matching that of 1976 for temperatures.  It definitely feels like the summer we’ll all remember in years to come!

Holiday Village Tenerife / Hotel Costa Los Gignantes - view from Balinese beds Summer 2018

When I was teaching full time I could never understand those parents who were desperate to send their kids back to school after the holidays, I used to think “for goodness sake, don’t you want to spend time with them?” but I get it now.  I so get it.

love the summer holidays, they are in fact a strong contender for my favourite time of the year (Christmas is probably the other) – I look forward to them, I plan for them, I relish them.  But do I enjoy every single moment of them?  No, of course I don’t.  The exciting adventures, days out and time spent with family and friends in the sunshine are tempered by my house being a constant tip, incessant bickering and every dwindling patience reserves.

Fox costumes for Just So Festival 2018

Right now, I’m torn between being gutted that we have to get back to the grindstone and looking forward to being able to sit down in peace without unabating requests for drinks and snacks!

This summer I managed to achieve a better balance between planning lots of days out and activities and making sure we all had time at home to relax and switch off a bit.  We’ve been to festivals, visited new places and made good use of our tent on several occasions.  The children are going back to school with tan lines, sun lightened hair and longer limbs.

But, they’re going back ready.  They’ve had enough of each other’s company, they’ve had enough of being at home.  It’s time to get back to school and get on with it!

Goodbye Summer 2018.  You’ve been a good one.


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