Audi on demand – Review

This post features product gifted for review

Last weekend we were lucky enough to be able to borrow an Audi Q7 from Audi on demand – Oldham for our adventures.

What is Audi on demand?

The Audi on demand service offers you the opportunity to hire an Audi for a single hour up to 28 days, choosing from an exclusive fleet of high spec vehicles which you can collect or have delivered directly to you by an Audi concierge.

To my mind what sets this apart from your average car hire service is the flexibility with more than a touch of luxury! Being able to hire an Audi by the hour means you can use it for a fancy date night, a wedding or to take your child to their prom… Equally you can take it on a weekend adventure, a work trip or just fill a gap for a few weeks when you need a car!

Audi on demand Oldham - Audi Q7

How does the Audi on demand service work?

To hire a car through Audi on demand, you set up an account on the Audi on demand website – this doesn’t take very long at all and once you are all set up with your payment details etc you can book the Audi of your choice within a matter of minutes. You can book your Audi with as little as 30 minutes notice or you can plan ahead couple of months in advance if you know you’ve got something coming up.

At present only the person who holds the Audi on demand account is able to drive the car, however I know that Audi on demand are looking at adding the option of dual drivers in the future which I think will be a really great addition. As it was, last weekend saw Dave sitting enviously in the passenger seat whilst I had a thoroughly lovely time driving the best part of 500 miles! I’ve promised him that next time we’ll make the booking in his name!

As I’ve mentioned, you can hire an Audi for anything from an hour up to four weeks. So when you make your booking, you can specify your pick up and drop off times to the hour – whilst you can arrange to collect the car from the Audi Centre, I found it far more convenient to have the Audi Concierge deliver it to me!

Navy blue Audi Q7 hired for the weekend from Audi on demand Oldham

Audi Concierge Service

When the Audi Concierge delivers your car, you need to have several pieces of ID available – the card you used for booking, a utility bill with your name & address on, your driving licence and your passport – clearly they are not going to hand over thousands of pounds worth of car without being completely sure you are who you say you are!

Your Audi Concierge will check the car over with you before sending a damage report direct to your email address. They will then show you all the key features of the car – in this instance because Dave drives an Audi, I was fairly confident that I knew how most things worked but I did need a quick lesson on the automatic as my own car is manual and my previous automatic was rubbish!

Once the handover is complete, you are left to enjoy the car for the duration of your booking! You will receive a text notification to remind you when your booking is coming to an end and then, depending on what you arranged when you booked the car, it will either be collected or you must drop it off at the agreed time. Another damage report will be completed and emailed to you instantly.

As you’d expect the car needs to be returned with a full tank of fuel, however if this isn’t convenient, your Audi Concierge can do this for you and charge it to the card on your Audi on demand account.

Audi Q7 review - seven seater SUV for family of five

The Audi Q7 and our weekend adventures

The Audi Q7 is a seven seater SUV making it the ideal Audi on demand choice for our family of five! The kids were super excited to be in a new car and didn’t seem to mind that they were sat a little closer together than they would be in our SMax – the Q7 has two full size seats and a smaller one in the middle which meant that whilst we were able to get three high backed booster seats in the back, they definitely had less room that normal.

We packed the car up and headed over the M62 to York on Friday night – there was more than enough room for our five weekend bags and some extra bits and pieces!

On Saturday morning we popped up one of the extra seats and put Ben in the “way back” so that Kirst and Chris could sit comfortably in the back. Ben said he thought he had more leg room in the very back of the Q7 than he does in the very back of S Max which was good to know!

The Audi made the long drive to Alton Towers and back an absolute joy, even when we were stuck in traffic – and I have to admit I was sad to go back to my manual gear box on Monday afternoon!

Having a brand new, high spec Audi Q7 for the weekend was a real treat (for the kids as much as Dave and I!) and we’re definitely looking forward to borrowing it again… However, next on my #audiondemand wish list is the A5 for a cheeky weekend away with Dave  (we just need to actually plan one!)

(If you’ve got any questions about the service, leave a comment below or give me a shout on twitter and I’ll do my best to answer!)

We used the Audi on demand service free of charge for the purposes of review however all thoughts and opinions remain our own


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