Ben is five!

My little dude has reached the end of his first year in school and today was his 5th birthday.  He was full of excited smiles from the moment he got up, thrilled it was his birthday, thrilled to be five.

Of course I started the day with the usual “this time five years ago thoughts” – remembering the long labour, the emergency section, Dave being sent home as soon as I was on the ward as it wasn’t visiting hours, all that red hair and how much he looked like his Daddy right from the word go.

And now. Now I have the most amazing little boy.  We are so immensely proud of him.  At five this handsome, witty and intelligent soul makes us smile, laugh and wonder on a daily basis.

Ben at 5 yrs old

He can talk for England – who knows where he gets that from . . . he has always had an impressive way with words, being able to recognise and understand sarcasm before his 4th birthday.  He most recent discovery is that of the rhetorical question.

“Ben would you like to go put this upstairs?”

“No thank you”

“Put it upstairs please”

“Oh, you were just being polite weren’t you Mum? That was a rhetorical question”

He can read – I have loved watching him learn to read this year and take great pleasure in helping him to develop this new found skill.  He has a fantastic story telling voice and always reads with expression which pleases the teacher in me greatly!  He is currently reading Yellow band books and really enjoys his phonics work.

He can retell the entire story of Giraffes Can’t Dance off by heart, word for word and will often perform this little party piece for Amy at bedtime.  (I must remember to video him doing it at some point!)

He has very recently discovered that he likes colouring – he takes his time, he chooses appropriate colours and shows pride in the work he has produced.  This is a far cry from the young man who originally was far too busy for mark making or just coloured everything quickly in one colour.  He still goes out of the lines a bit but the progress he has made is huge.  He loves to bring me pictures home from school now to put on the fridge or hang in our little kitchen gallery.

He will write now but he’s not especially bothered by it – typical boy.  He does take his time to sound out words and write them carefully but his letter formation can be difficult to read if you don’t know what he was trying to write.  We are going to do a bit of writing together over the next few weeks I think.

He loves Lego, superheros, Turtles, Transformers . . . all standard boy fare I think!  His imagination is well used and he likes to play pretend games with Chloe.

He is yet to be dry at night.  This isn’t even something we’re working on.  As yet he’s not bothered by it so we are just leaving things to happen as time passes.

We are still working towards riding his bike without stabilisers but in all honesty he hasn’t really had much chance to ride his bike since last Autumn.

He adores his little sisters, doing anything he can to help with Amy and playing beautifully with Chloe (most of the time!)  The biggest issue comes at bedtime as Ben and Chloe are still sharing and if one isn’t as tired as the other they can get annoyed at being disturbed.  Hopefully this will be sorted in another few months!

If you ask him what he wants to be when he’s older you get a complicated tale about being a policeman, a fireman boss and a builder.  I’m not sure how the thinks he will fit all these things in, something to do with being a fireman on his days off . . .



  1. Steph Oakes
    August 1, 2014 / 12:00 pm

    Happy Birthday Ben! He sounds utterly gorgeous and redheads rock! x

  2. August 1, 2014 / 11:56 am

    A big Happy Birthday to your lovely boy. He sounds so full of fun and laughter.

  3. August 2, 2014 / 8:51 pm

    Aww Happy Birthday Ben, this is a lovely post to read and i'm sure you'll look bac on it many times. He sounds like such a lovely boy and a fabulous big brother! x

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