Ben’s Dream Lego House

Ben, like many boys of his age, is more than a little obsessed with Lego.  He has an ever increasing collection of those bright little bricks and his bedroom is dotted with a wide range of models – some built after carefully following the build instructions which came with a set or others which he has created independently.  He gets completely absorbed in his building work and can disappear up to his room for a couple of hours at a time.

This summer Ben was challenged to build his dream home out of Lego in exchange for a bumper pack of Lego.  When I first suggested to Ben that he built a house out of Lego he wasn’t too interested, preferring to build machines.  When I told him “the man” was going to send him some new Lego to do it with he quickly changed his mind.  

Over the weeks we’ve had a lot of discussion about this Lego house and it’s features.  It took a little while to get Ben going on the idea that this was going to be a complete flight of fancy and that he could basically build whatever he wanted.  Once he got started though he ran with it and this house is now packed with features I would never have even thought of!

Little boy with his dream LEGO house

Let’s take a bit of a tour: 

Ben has paid considerable attention to the security features of his house including  a “camera eye” which is attached to a computer.  On seeing a “baddy” approaching, the camera eye sends a message to a computer to give the owner a warning enabling him to press a button and close the “grabber“.  Should the owner not be at his computer then the “spinning thing” on the front door will spin around and emit a siren! 

details of LEGO build
Little boy's LEGO house

The front of the property sports a large, low glass window to allow for checking the weather and a dog flap enabling the dog to come and go as he pleases (unless he’s on fire apparently!)  There’s also a hand on the side and it waves to say hello when the owner returns – how lovely!

There’s an external money storage unit accessed by secret steps inside the property.

And of course there must be some luxury items included in a dream house – for Ben this means an automatic roof which opens when you press a button a sunny day and an outdoor, heated swimming pool – bliss!

What do you think?  Have I got a budding property developer on my hands?

(I have had Ed Sheeran’s Lego House stuck in my head the whole time I was writing this post!)

*Disclaimer – Ben was delighted to receive a box of new Lego to help him to build his dream house.  All thoughts and opinions remain our own*


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  1. August 26, 2015 / 1:01 pm

    He has done a cracking job there! Every house needs a spinney thing doesn't it! Good luck for the competition

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