Blog On MOSI – A Spring Bucket List Update

16. Attend my first blog conference 

I’m a bit late in writing this one up!

Months ago I booked myself a ticket for Blog On MOSI – not really knowing what to expect and feeling quite nervous about attending my first proper blogging event.

On the Saturday night I was invited to a meal at Hard Rock Cafe hosted by Collective Bias – for me it was a great opportunity to meet some lovely new faces which took the edge off my nerves for the next day. hard Rock Cafe is a pretty loud venue for chatting over dinner nevertheless I had a lovely evening chatting to Rebecca, Jen, Aly and Helen amongst others whilst we ate our very late meal!  By the time I got myself home and into bed it was about 1am – just in time for Amy to wake for a feed.

Sunday morning I managed to get myself up and out on time – I was very proud of myself!  For one reason or another we were quite late by the time we got into town, found ourselves somewhere to park and got into the venue meaning we had missed the opportunity to meet people over breakfast and a decent chunk of the first keynote speaker.  I hate being late!

My first session of the day was Photography.  Believe me I could have spent all day in that room. An hour disappeared in the blink of an eye (or perhaps more appropriately the click of a shutter).  Lucy (Capture by Lucy) was talking props and styling – aside from being utterly lovely she was thoroughly inspirational and my brain was still whirring with ideas as I was trying to sleep that night.  She has made me so much more aware of the backgrounds to my photographs and  I’ve been stalking her blog ever since.  I also managed to spend a bit of time listening to Emily (A Mummy Too) who was showing us tips and tricks for editing photos using Photoshop Essentials – I now NEED Photoshop Elements & a much better camera if anyone wants to treat me!  As I said the session was over far too quickly so I didn’t get chance to speak to John (PhotoWalkthrough) or Vanessa (HPMcQ).

Lunch was lovely and for me the main focus was actually meeting up with some lovely bloggers in person – people I’ve chatted to online for months, people whose blogs I read religiously. I should have been speaking to all the fabulous brands who were in attendance but aside from being a bit shy (yeah I know) I got totally caught up in chatting to the likes of Kerrie, Emma and Stacey.  I did however managed to have a chat with the lovely guys at The Essential One – who very kindly gave me some of their beautiful vests for Amy.

Jen took this picture of myself and
Karen during her talk about Facebook

My second session was all about Social Media and one I’d really been looking forward too.  Again the session was just too short meaning I only got to take advantage of the expertise of two speakers – Jen (My Mummy’s Pennies) was talking about Facebook for blogs and Rebecca (Here Comes the Girls) talking all things Pinterest.  Both ladies gave lots of fabulous tips and ideas sending me home with plenty to do!  I had a real comedy moment as I sat down at Rebecca’s table when the Blogger next to me suddenly exclaimed “Colette!” It turned out to be the lovely Jo whose blog is one of those I read regularly!

The third and final session of the day focused on Creative Copy with Jane (Northern Mum), Helen (Actually Mummy) and Penny (A Residence).  This session was set up slightly differently with these three lovely ladies sat at the front answering our questions together – I loved how sensible and straightforward they were in their opinions – they just seemed to talk sense. Sense with added humour. Winner.

The final keynote speech of the day focused on ethics and was hugely thought provoking.

One of the things I found really strange about the day was that in normal circumstances having your phone or ipad out while someone was speaking would be rude. Even ruder still would be to be checking your Twitter feed or just taking photos in the middle of a conversation.  Nope. Not when you’re at a conference with Bloggers! I managed to miss a number of tweets from people wanting to meet up with me – luckily we had found each other anyway – and shamefully I haven’t got a single photo from the day!  Blogger Fail!  Must try harder!

All in all it was a great day – I learned loads, met some great people (too many to mention) and came away with my head buzzing with ideas and lists, and a desperate need for a swish new camera, Photoshop Elements and an iPad . . .

Thanks to Laura for organising such a fab event and to the brands who provided a wonderful array of treats in our goodie bags!  I’ll certainly be back for more next year!

PS here’s the updated Spring Bucket List . . .

  1. Take Ben and Chloe to pop their Roller Derby cherry and watch Aunty Custard play her first bout 01.01.14
  2. Launch my fabulous new blog design – totally excited about this! 06.03.14
  3. Get all my hair cut off (this has been a LONG time coming – 2 year or so in fact!) 22.03.14
  4. Celebrate my birthday (another one? Already?) 24.03.14
  5. Celebrate Dave’s birthday too! 17.04.14
  6. The lovely Lyndsey’s Hen Do! 27.03.14 and 28.03.14
  7. Finally meet up with a lovely friend of mine in REAL LIFE!
  8. Celebrate our 2nd wedding anniversary – it’s cotton right? Babysitters booked! Whoop 05.04.14
  9. Easter – When you’ve got an Aunty Nic who works in the chocolate business Easter is good! 18.04.14
  10. Mothers’ Day (looks pointedly at Dave) 29.03.14
  11. Make the house A LOT bigger!
  12. Get outside more! This has been a very “inside” Winter!  We’ve made a start but this is season long effort! 
  13. Wean Amy (Do I really have to do this?)
  14. Get some sort of focus on the whole “Wedding Weight” mission!
  15. Go to a farm and see some baby animals 08.04.14
  16. Attend my first blog conference! 04.05.2014
  17. Take a trip to Whitby – time to introduce Daddy to Magpie fish and chips
  18. Make the most of being able to have fresh tulips in the house – Another one that’s been started but will be continued throughout the season!


  1. May 12, 2014 / 9:51 pm

    Wow you are nearly done with your list!! I didn't know you went to Blog On, sounds like you had a great time x

    • May 13, 2014 / 7:14 pm

      It was great 🙂
      My list is all but done – I think I'm only going to miss one thing!

  2. May 12, 2014 / 10:17 pm

    Hi Colette, I've been looking out for some BlogonMosi posts as I couldn't go, so nice to see a view and all the links to people who spoke.

    Hope you don't mind, but bit of feedback – I really struggled reading the whole post as there's no gaps between paragraphs. Don't know if it was copied in, but might help other people to have them in as well.

    • May 13, 2014 / 7:16 pm

      It's an issue I've been having a lot recently. They're there when I write it and then gone when I publish it, I have to go back and forth to the draft more times than I don't know what trying to fix it and eventually it seems to stick! It drives me crackers as I know it looks awful.

    • May 23, 2014 / 8:21 pm

      All ok now. Annoying when weird stuff happens. I sometimes find my first paragraph is all bunched up, but have no idea how or why, and why it's only certain posts. V odd

  3. May 13, 2014 / 8:42 am

    Lovely post, it was great to meet you again and have a familiar face at dinner on the Saturday night, even if we couldn't hear each other very well! Thank you for the mention, I hope you found my session useful? The other sessions sound great, I wish I'd got to attend them!

    • May 13, 2014 / 7:16 pm

      I did 🙂 I've been so much more aware of when I post things and how I post them – the interaction on my FB page has gone up loads and I care about it more 🙂 Thank you! x

  4. Pam Francis Gregory
    May 13, 2014 / 6:57 pm

    The list is nearly done. Well done!

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