Bursting with pride!

Mummy & Ben 14.10.12 (Photo taken by Sharon Curran)
I am so insanely proud of my little man this week he has brought me to tears on more than one occasion. We had his first Parents Evening on Wednesday. Dave took the day off so he could come too. As a special treat we decided to have a chippy lunch . . . standing in the chip shop Ben says “Mum please can we take these to the seaside now?!” – the only time he has had a proper chippy lunch is in Whitby with Mum – in April and last September! His memory is incredible!  I wanted to be able to whisk him off to the seaside there and then! He has clearly got his Mummy and Aunty Nic’s memory! 

His Parents Eve report was everything we could have hoped for: Bright, confident, polite, cares about the feelings of other children, puts his hand up, sits nicely on the carpet, very independent and can choose what he wants to do, popular, likes to lead in a group and full of ideas, fantastic imagination, excellent behaviour and has settled in as though he was always there.
 I kept expecting Mrs Gore to say “However . . . ” but not a thing! 
 SO proud of my little boy :o)  

And so to this morning. It’s the last Friday of the month so Friday Assembly is in the morning to allow the Nursery children to attend. I was really pleased to see how smartly Ben was sitting with his “school legs” and his arms folded, facing the front just as he should be (he had got told off at the first Friday Assembly, and whilst I thought it was quite amusing he had lost the chance to do “Show & Tell” that week as he had “let himself down” and he was gutted).  During the assembly three children from each class are called to the front for a special mention. This week Freya was called up for doing gorgeous leaf prints so it was lovely to be there to see that but then even better when Mrs Jackon called out Ben’s name too! He stood at the front to talk about his model that he had made. Mrs Jackson asked him if had used a picture to make it – Ben launched into chapter & verse about how had made it all by himself without a picture and he couldn’t have done that when he was a baby! I was the soppy mummy in tears over my little man’s amazing “loud and proud” voice :o) 

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