Checking back on our Summer Bucket List

I suddenly realised that it’s pretty much the end of August and that I really should do an update of our Summer Bucket List.  Shamefully the last one I posted was right at the start of July, I’m going to blame the summer holidays for my lack of updates there!  It’s so hard to maintain my blogging at the same level when I’ve got three little people at home full time!

Anyhow . . . here’s how our Summer Bucket List is looking on the last day in August – I warn you now, it’s long with a lot of photos:

1. Take our first family holiday abroad

We spent enjoyed a lovely holiday in Benodet at the start of August and I’ve not really written about it surprisingly.  I think catching up with all the washing somehow put paid to that one.  Highlights of the trip include increased confidence in the water for all three children, time on the beach, exploring the local area, time to ourselves and seeing how much the children (particularly Amy) enjoyed having Granny, Grandad and Aunty Nic live next door for a week!

Family on the beach in Beodet
Little boy throwing a bucket of seawater in his little sister's face

3. Celebrate Chloe’s 4th birthday

Chloe turned 4 on a school day so we went to Frankie and Benny’s for tea – it was really hard work as Amy was tired and being a bit of a pain but Chloe enjoyed her tea.  With Ben and Chloe’s birthday’s being close together they chose to have a joint birthday party at our local soft play again.

4. Celebrate Ben’s 6th birthday 

Ben’s birthday falls within the school holidays so we were able to have a cheeky day out on his birthday with his best mate and went Gruffalo Orienteering followed by dinner at Frankie and Benny’s (Can you spot a theme here?)

5. Lots of picnics

We’ve done really well on the picnic front with a picnic when we went Gruffalo Orienteering, one in Roundhay Park and another just last week on the beach at Lytham to name but a few!  I must admit all these picnics aren’t doing my waistline any favours though!

8. Celebrate my Dad’s 60th twice

Dad turned 60 in July and we had two rounds of birthday celebrations – one on his actual birthday with the kids and a trip to the races for the grown ups the following week.  It was a real treat to have a full weekend in York to be grown ups and drink gin!

9. Watch one of my very best friends get married

The end of July saw one of my very best friends get married.  Will and I have been friends for over 15 years now and he’s the best godfather my children could wish for.  Will & Lucy’s wedding was particularly special as it took place over two days with my Dad performing the role of celebrant on the second day.  I don’t think I’d ever been so nervous about a wedding as I was in the run up to this one, I was an emotional wreck (even pouring a full glass of Bucks Fizz down my dress on arrival at the venue!).  Ben, Chloe and Amy came to the wedding with us so that they were able to see Uncle Will get married and feel that they had been part of the day but then Aunty Nic collected them before the wedding breakfast allowing us to relax and enjoy ourselves with friends (she even had them over night for us!).  It was a fantastic day and I completely failed to take any photos however we were lucky enough that the photographer captured a beauty for us.

10. Take a trip to York Maze

York Maze is only just down the road from my parents’ house and we’ve planned to go for the last couple of years but it just hasn’t happened.  This year I was determined to return to our wedding venue for a day out – you can read all about it here.

11. Teach Ben to ride his bike without stabilisers

Although this is something we’ve discussed with Ben quite a lot, it just hasn’t happened.  We had told him that if he could ride his bike before his birthday we’d buy him a new one but we haven’t even managed to get his bike out of the loft (it was put up there during the winter because we were short of space).  Realistically I don’t think his bike would actually fit him now, Granny and Grandad bought it for his 2nd birthday.  We’ve made a deal with him now that if he can save up half the cost of his new bike, we’ll give him the other half – so that’s where we’re at, Ben is saving for a new bike.

12. Find a sun cream which suits Ben’s skin but doesn’t ruin his clothes! 

We’ve not done too badly on the ruined clothes front this year!  The NIVEA Sensitive for Kids is great on his skin but literally destroys clothes.  We’ve found the Ambre Solaire does the business – it doesn’t irritate his skin and is much kinder on their clothes.  I must admit we’ve been much more careful about what they’re wearing on days where the suncream is slathered on though – definitely nothing light coloured!

13. Keep focused on that “Wedding Weight” target

This has been an epic fail.  I’ve not been “on plan” for a couple of months now. I’ve kept going to class when I can as I know how easy it would be to give up.  But between a holiday, too many ice creams on days out and not doing the school run every day, I’m about 8lb up on my lightest weight back in May.  I’m ready for the kids to go back to school and to get some focus back now!

14. Do more Yoga 

Another fail.  I don’t think I’ve even really had my mat out.  Fingers crossed I’ll find a way to get this into my routine once the kids are at school this week!

15. Add more decorative bits and bobs to the house!

Slow and steady on this front but we’re getting there. In fact just this weekend we’ve been working hard on the house with Dave doing loads of painting, putting up shelves, pictures, bunting etc etc.  I’m going to do a bit of an update post soon so I’ll share some of our new bits and bobs there.

16. Take a trip to Whitby to introduce Daddy to Magpie fish and chips

Nope. Again we’ve still not been anywhere near Whitby.  I haven’t actually been since shortly before our wedding so it’s not three and a half years ago. I’m going to keep it on the list though!

17. Reclaim some outside space

Last year our back garden was basically a builders’ yard and we had nowhere safe for the kids to play outside.  Our garden remained as such right through to the start of this summer when we decided to take the bull by the horns.  So far we have cleared the back garden and re turfed it and whilst this wasn’t entirely successful it did mean that Ben, Chloe and Amy have been able to play outside again – the Little Tikes Slide we bought Ben for his 2nd birthday has been getting plenty of use!  The next task for outside is to clear the front and lay an off cut of fake grass which my Dad has got stored for us – I can’t wait to see what a difference that will make!

So a pretty successful summer all told, just one or two things to roll over onto the Autumn Bucket List!

  1. Take our first family holiday abroad
  2. Get out the water tray that the kids got last summer
  3. Celebrate Chloe’s 4th birthday 
  4. Celebrate Ben’s 6th birthday
  5. Lots of picnics!
  6. Dave’s big bike ride & a trip to the seaside
  7. My first Britmums experience!
  8. Celebrate my Dad’s 60th – twice
  9. Watch one of my very best friends get married
  10. Take a trip to York Maze
  11. Teach Ben to ride his bike without stablisers
  12. Find a sun cream which suits Ben’s skin but doesn’t ruin his clothes!
  13. Keep focused on that “Wedding Weight” target (this is continued from the Spring Bucket List)
  14. Do more yoga
  15. Add more decorative bits and bobs to the house!
  16. Take a trip to Whitby & introduce Daddy to Magpie fish and chips as we didn’t manage it in the Spring
  17. Reclaim some outside space

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  1. August 31, 2015 / 6:30 pm

    I'd be really pleased if that was my list! Well done 🙂 I love all these photos, the one out doors with the tall plants is lovely and your holiday away looked wonderful x

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