Chloe at three and a half

Chloe is now three and a half. Three and a flipping half.  At times though I have to remind myself she’s not already four!

Dave and I were watching video clips of her the other day and we couldn’t believe just how much she’s changed.  She’s no longer a toddler.  She’s very definitely a little girl.

This one from October 2013 will always be a firm favourite:
At three and a half our little girl is now fully settled into her Nursery routine.  She gets herself dressed (most mornings) without much help and is happy to walk to school.  There’s never been any tears or fuss, she’s clearly happy to go and enjoys her time there.  She’s always full of beans when she comes out telling us all about the things they’ve been up to (in far more detail than we ever got out of Ben at the same age!)She loves to ‘read’ her school books to us – at the moment she’s just on the first level where the books are made up of illustrations for her to use to tell the story.  Of course she has watched Ben practising his reading with us so this really encourages her to do the same.  They’ve just started to do some phonic work in class and she’s keen to point out every “s” or “c” she can find on sign posts, packaging and books.  She likes to try and identify initial sounds as well tell us that “Crisps starts with cr”.   She also enjoys counting and can recognise digits to around ten from what I’ve seen.

We are currently fighting that dreadful small child habit of licking lips – I’m constantly telling her she’ll make it sore and putting an array of lip balms on for her which is keeping that unsightly sore patch at bay for now but I’m not really sure how I’m going to break the habit!

She’s a really good walker – at Christmas Grandad told me “She walks like a Burgess” which really made me laugh.  She doesn’t have much choice really – with three school runs a day to fit in and set times to arrive for there’s no faffing about dawdling.  She rarely complains about the walk (thank goodness) and can walk quite a distance before she starts to get fed up.

She drinks bucket loads of squash but isn’t so keen on water and milk. She likes a cup with a lid on but we’re trying to use them less (that said when she spills her juice everywhere it does make it tempting to let her just have a lid on!!)  Her favourite tea at the moment is beans & sausages on toast but she’s also partial to a trip to the chippy!

Much like every little girl her age she does love Frozen and would watch it daily if I let her.  She still enjoys Peter Rabbit but is just as happy to watch a feature length film.  We’ve been introducing her to a range of Disney films over the holidays – she’s enjoying the Tinkerbell ones especially.

She likes to tell me that her favourite colours are pink, yellow and red but does tend to plump for red stating that it’s also Aunty Nic’s favourite colour.  Her new bedroom is going to be decorated with red curtains and bedding but fairies on the walls!

She has a great grasp of the English language and is more than capable of making herself understood though occasionally she tries to do this through the medium of whinging, crying or generally having a strop.  This is generally ignored and she will eventually come and ask properly for the help she needs.  That said sometimes we ask her why she is sad only to be told “I don’t know”.

I wrote the other week about her potentially suffering from asthma and this is something we are monitoring closely.

Her relationships with her siblings are very close – she enjoys playing pretend games with Ben but is equally happy to play with Amy and take care of her.  At the moment being the “middle child” really does bring her the best of both worlds and long may this continue!!  She’s a very sociable lady but has a real soft spot for Granny who is “in charge” apparently.

I’m loving watching our cheeky little girl growing up and developing her independence. I can’t wait to see what the next six months brings!


  1. January 27, 2015 / 4:17 pm

    How adorable! Its amazing how quick kids grow up… Leah's going to be 3 in less than 2 months, i'm mortified!!

    • January 27, 2015 / 10:40 pm

      It's just madness isn't it? x

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