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Amy has been lucky enough to be trying out the award winning Cosatto Supa since the end of last year.  I’d been getting really fed up with her old pram but was clinging onto it for the fact I wasn’t ready for her not to be parent facing.  However it was getting harder to push as she got bigger and certainly a struggle to manoeuvre one handed, it was also starting to rattle a bit (a pet hate of mine).

After my fab day at Cosatto HQ in October when I completely fell in love with the new Hipstar print it was, of course, an obvious choice.  (I must admit I did also love the Flamingo print but you all know what I’m like with pink and I don’t think Dave would have looked much cop pushing a flamingo covered pushchair around Manchester!)

Getting the Supa out of the box and ready to roll really didn’t take long at all – especially once you actually read the instructions!  You basically just need to clip the hood on, the cup holder and you’re about ready.  (Of course it’s worth checking how to fold it up before you leave the house so you don’t end up in a pickle!)

All tucked up and cosy in the Cosatto Supa on a colder December afternoon!

The first few times I used it I got really fed up with the fact that I kept kicking it – it’s obviously far narrower than my old pram so I just kept catching my feet on it.  After a couple of runs out I had got used to it and all was fine!  I now love how narrow it is as it means I can sneak through much smaller gaps!

We’ve used the pushchair on a pretty much daily basis since we got it and I must admit I love it far more than I expected to.  Amy is comfortable and cosy – so much so that she has actually fallen asleep in her Supa more than once, this was completely unheard of in her old pushchair.


My greatest niggle isn’t really much of an issue with the pushchair itself but more a personal gripe with the world’s dependence on technology.  The multi media gadget pocket and speaker is of course a great novelty and it really suits the mission of Cosatto to do something new, different and funky.  I just think its a bit sad that people would think it’s a necessary addition to a pushchair.  Surely just being out and about should be interesting enough without the need to watch a film in the hood of your pushchair?!  I can see how it might be useful on the bus or maybe in a restaurant but really, just talk to your child?   Anyway, it’s not a feature we’ve used to be honest and that’s the point really – it’s there if you want it, if not then no bother.

How gorgeous is the Hipstar print!

So – aside from the fabulous bright pattern the Cosatto Supa is absolutely packed with features:

What we love about it:

* The bright colour – obviously!  It’s so lovely to have a bright pushchair on a dreary day  (and we’ve had plenty of those in Manchester recently)

* It’s a nice narrow frame which is great for nipping about round the shops

* Ben and Chloe both love the carry handle on the side and argue about who will hold it whilst walking

* The fold is compact (even with the footmuff attached) and we had no problem fitting it into some pretty small boot spaces when we were test driving cars recently.

* It stands upright when folded which makes for easy storage (though I must admit I use it so much I rarely bother folding it)

* The hood is enormous – which is great if you happen to have forgotten the raincover . . . it’s also features UPF50+ just incase the sun ever does come out

* The footmuff (which is included) is lovely and fleecy – and has extra room for shoving another blanket in there if it’s really cold.  It zips on easily and is anchored with the seatbelts so doesn’t slip around and can’t be kicked off (believe me Amy has tried)

* The footmuff has a cosy fleecy section for tucking your hands in which I love! Unfortunately Amy doesn’t quite love it as much as I do and refuses to put her hands in it!

* The raincover is included – which I think should be standard practice!

* The raincover is easy to put on and a good fit

* The handles are adjustable – but even without putting them up they’re at a comfortable height for both Dave & I. (Dave is 6ft 5)

* The recline is easy to do with one hand – always a bonus and Amy went to sleep as soon as I did it!

* It’s a nice easy push – and doesn’t rattle (I hate a rattly pushchair)

* Once you’ve got the knack the fold is really easy

* The brakes are easy to knock on and off

* The basket is plenty big enough and easy to get to

* The cup holder is a bit of a bonus and not something I’ve had on other prams.  I’ve always felt they added too much width and would get caught on stuff – this hasn’t been an issue with the Supa

* Viewing window – having only just moved Amy to forward facing I find it strange not being able to see her all the time so the window is great, particularly if she’s reclined and having a snooze

* The pocket on the back is fab for your keys, phone and erm yes a few bits of Duplo are currently in ours!

* The hood is clicks as you open it meaning you can really control the position of it

* The straps are a good fit (not all loose and pointless like a previous stroller I’ve had) – they also click in one side at at time which is great if you’re battling a wriggly, defiant toddler

* The seat is fully removable for easy cleaning – always needed for little ones in case of puke, nappy leaks or erm the occasional ice cream!

* The bright red frame shows no signs of wear and tear despite being used constantly on school runs, chucked in the boot for shopping trips or round the park on mucky day

features of Cosatto Supa
Just some of the features of the Cosatto Supa

What we’re not so keen on:

* The raincover is massive – which is great but also a bit of a pain, the way it clips on at the bottom means it always seems to end up on the floor when I’ve taken it off. I prefer a zip on raincover in all honesty.

* I’m really not keen on the whole ipad viewing screen thing as I’ve mentioned but obviously if you don’t like it you don’t use it, it’s perfectly discreet

* The downside of the massive hood is that it is easily grabable by your little one.

* Although it is suitable from birth I much prefer reward facing for my baby – that said it’s certainly very snug!

So – can we see why the Cosatto Supa was awarded Gold in the “Best Lightweight Buggy / Stroller” category in this year’s Mother & Baby awards? Totally. We love it!  It’s a SUPA star! *ahem*

We're going on an adventure

*Disclaimer – We were sent the Cosatto Supa free of charge for the purposes of this review however all thoughts and opinions remain our own*

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44 thoughts on “Cosatto Supa – Review

  1. We have a supa twin and I love it but agree about the media pocket I suppose some people might use them but I have never used it and I have had it five months. Even though we have the double buggy it is still narrow and fits through doors and in shops no problem too. I love the print you have xx

  2. We had the double version of this when Little Man was younger and loved it although like you didn't see the point in the gadget pocket and didn't use it. LOVE the star print! I think I need this in my life now we're not reliant on a double! x

  3. Very cool design. We’re a way off upright pram-land (our 5 month old is still happily flat on her back…) but good to store up ideas for when the time comes! #TriedTested

  4. Love that fleecy bit for their hands! Mine would never keep their's in either but would be great when they are older and get cold. Love the design and it seems really easy to get about with. It's great that Cosatto come with so many extras, makes it better value for money but I'm with you on the ipad viewer, I just don't get whey you'd use it but like you say, don't have to if you don't want to! #triedtested

  5. Great to see Dad was involved in the choice 🙂 Although I'd have liked to have seen some pics of him rocking the Flamingo print! Great review- especially liked the photos – the sleepy one and the handsome dog 🙂 #TriedTested

  6. Great review! I love the print of the pushchair and the little bean sleeping in it is beyond adorable. What is it with kids not wanting to keep their hands in cosy things, though? I'm sure I'd be all for that feature if I were to fit in the pushchair!

    Another thing that is handy to know is the adjustable height. As a 5ft 11" woman when the time comes for me to have children and enter the world of prams and pushchairs I'll definitely keep this one in mind, some of my friends prams have been back-breakers in the past!


  7. Cosatto always have such lovely designs. I'll need to get a new buggy when Harlow is older and want something lightweight as the one I had for my son was so heavy, nightmare. I'll be keeping Cosatto in mind. x

  8. This stroller looks amazing. I have heard so much about Cosatto. It seems like such a great quality brand to trust for your little ones. And your little one looks happy as a bunny and sleepy as a lamb in it too! Great review. Thanks for hosting. #triedtested

  9. I have this pram but in the Foxy theme, and I absolutely loved it – until the rear wheels got worn down and after emailing them they never replied so it is unused at the minute 🙁 But other than that totally loved it – also we never used the media pocket either..

  10. I really love Cossato for their bright prints, they're way above other brands in that respect! Love the stars! Have to agree with you though on the iPad/technology feature…not so keen but can understand how some parents could turn to it out of desperation or perhaps some children have sensory issues 🙂 Thanks for hosting! #TriedTested

  11. That looks fab! Such a lovely bright design…..I agree! I don't think I would be too keen on the ipad viewing screen…..When I used to go out with a pushchair there was no need for one at all…lol

  12. That's a great review, I LOVE the print!! I didn't even know you could get pushchairs with 'gadget' holders, I do agree with you on that one but if everything else is good then it doesn't matter does it. Little one looks very cute snuggled up.

  13. We're way past buggy stage but I love the star design. I agree with you that I wouldn't want a gadget holder on a buggy. Too much risk of not enough attention on your child. #TriedTested

  14. Sounds like a great pram. I'm in need of a new one and think I'll look into one of these. I don't really like the space for a gadget though, but as you said it doesn't need to be used! Love the pattern and the photo of Amy sleeping 🙂 xx

  15. Great review! We're actually looking for a pushchair to replace our big JANE. This has influenced our decision so thanks! xx #triedtested

  16. Great review. We're looking at a pushchair at the moment and the Cosatto keeps coming up a lot. Really like the star print. Didn't know it came with the media pocket thing – sounds a bit of a gimmick rather than a must have though 🙂

  17. Great review, we have always had a coast since little J was born and we moved to a Yo late last year but I feel that maybe he is outgrowing it (he's only 22 months) he is very tall and I he doesn't seem to fit anymore. I will cry when I have to go to a regular buggy popping over from Mummy2Monkeys and #TriedTested

  18. I adore the Hipstar print, it's definitely on my wish list this time. The huge hood is a great bonus, especially for summer, but I don't think I would use the iPad viewing bit. #TriedTested

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