Manfrotto Unica V Camera Bag – Review

Back in September we made the leap and invested in our first DSLR – a Nikon D3200, better known in blogging circles as “Jonny” but that’s a story for another time.

Around the same time I got an email offering me a Manfrotto Camera bag to review – talk about perfect timing.
I knew I didn’t want a big bulky camera bag as I’ve already get enough to carry around with three small children, a changing bag, pushchair etc etc.  If I had a large camera bag to add into the mix I know I would end up just leaving it at home.  Determined to make sure I made as much use of my new camera as possible I set about exploring the Manfrotto website for the most compact bag they had on offer.
The range is huge but as a beginner with very little equipment to think about I decided to go for the smallest of the messenger style bags, the Uncia iii.
As it turned out the bag I had chosen was out of stock so I was sent the Unica V instead which retails at just shy of £75.  I knew immediately that whilst the bag looked absolutely fantastic it really wasn’t going to suit my needs so I passed it on to a friend much further down his photography journey to get his rather more professional point of view on things and this is what he thought:
Manfrotto Unica V
Having used various camera bags from the backpack style to the shoulder bag I have found this bag to be very useful and stylish.  The bag itself is a good size, not too bulky and has a good depth so that if you were travelling you could easily fit your iPad or laptop, instruction manual, DSLR with lens attached, a couple of lenses and a flashgun, not to mention the tripod compartment at the base which as it happens I just use to store my cables and charger.  
Plenty of space for all your associated camera tech!
The problem with a big bag is that you fill it with all sorts of kit that you seldom use and then it becomes bulky and a weight problem.  With less equipment in, I found this bag great for everyday use as you can easily use the zip opening in the cover flap to access or store your camera, flashgun or spare lens.  There are plenty of pockets and compartments for memory cards, batteries and filters etc.  Personally I like the sturdy buckle and Velcro on the over the top of the bag although for extra security and protection against the weather I would prefer the cover flap to have corners to resemble a boxed lid over the top of the bag, rather than the cut away corners.  I have used the bag in light rain whilst in the lakes and did not have any problems with leakage however I would have liked to have seen an all weather cover in the base compartment for that added protection in heavier rain. 


A whole bag full of camera kit!


All in I would have no hesitation in recommending this bag to camera club members or students. 

So there you go, if you’re looking for a great camera bag for all your bits and bobs definitely check out the range at Manfrotto.


*Disclaimer – We were sent the camera bag free of charge for the purpose of review however all thoughts and opinions remain our own*

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6 thoughts on “Manfrotto Unica V Camera Bag – Review

  1. Oh I'm definitely needing to know this 'Jonny' story! When asking around to what camera I should get everyone said the Nikon D3200 and funnily enough it was mainly bloggers who said this! 🙂

    Fab review, I have been thinking lately I should probably invest in a camera bag! x

  2. This bag looks fantastic but it's definitely for further down the line than the stage I'm at either! I could do with a new bag but it would only need to fit the camera, one spare lens and a few accesories! x

  3. That's a big bag, and it looks great! I love the fact it doesn't attract attention by screaming "I am a camera bag, steal me, steal me!" My camera is not worth all that much, but I know inside out how to use it, love my prime lens and it would be nice to have a big bag in which I could put both camera, purse and tablet.

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