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Now that our extension is nearing completion there’s a whole world of “interior design” choices to be made.  Not that I’ve only just started to consider this you understand!  I’ve been researching and pinning ideas since this time last year when the planning application went in.  We have two new bedrooms, a bathroom, a playroom, utility room and downstairs toilet to decorate from scratch as well as updating and redecorating other rooms which have been neglected over recent years!  Exciting times!

At the moment my main priority is sorting the living room and playroom as these are the rooms we spend the majority of our time in (and are also the rooms which are actually complete!)  Whilst they are essentially separate rooms they are also open plan so they do need to compliment one another.

The playroom is currently just a big, plain empty room.  The toys are all stored in large plastic boxes around the edge of the room.  This is hardly the stylish, well put together look we’re going for!  Over Christmas we bought some dark grey curtains for the French doors – Ben chose them and described them as “Fog Grey”.  I had been planning to buy red curtains but there weren’t any in IKEA and the grey actually goes really well with the colour scheme of the living room anyway so that was a bit of a win.  The addition of curtains has made the room feel much warmer and a little less noisy.  I’m planning to buy a large white shelving unit for toy storage next and then see how the room looks from there.  I’ve seen some gorgeous prints that I’d like to add to the walls and I think it needs a rug to soften things a bit (and to absorb a little of the sound!)

You can have a look at some of my ideas for the playroom here:



The living room is now in need of repainting and freshening up.  We bought a really smart new tv stand at the weekend which looks so much better than the old one and I’m really pleased with that.  Of course this has spurred me on and just makes me want to go and buy lots more gorgeous new things!  Our sofa is almost 7 years old now and is very tired but we won’t be replacing it just yet, we need to wait till the children are a bit older and can be trusted to take more care of it.  This doesn’t stop me looking at our options.  We have two large sofas at the moment but they don’t really suit the shape of the room any more and I think we perhaps need to look at investing in a large armchair and sofa instead.  We also need to look at some new lighting as our living room does have a tendency to be quite dark.  I’d like a standing lamp in one of the corners but I’ve not found one that quite fits the bill yet.  We can’t do much with the colour scheme of the living room as we also have an open plan kitchen which has deep red gloss units and these can been seen from the sofa.

If you’d like to nose at some of my ideas for the living room you can see them here:

I can’t wait to share some pictures of our news rooms with you as we get a bit further along!

15 thoughts on “Ideas for our living room & playroom

  1. Love those shelving units – we have a similar one in our dining room and it is brilliant. Pinterest is great for getting ideas. Good luck with the decorating 🙂

    1. I'm a bit gutted that it now only comes in 4X4 as I'd had my eye on the 5×5 expedit however I think I've got space at the side for another smaller unit if need be.

  2. I love redecorating and could spend hours on Pinterest – I have a thing about storage too so the large white shelving unit would be perfect! Hope you get them how you want them 🙂

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