Creative Ways to Get Your Child to Play with Toys and Get Off Their Gadgets

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Parents are facing a challenge in these modern times face, and that is getting their children away from screen use or at least reducing their screen time. The advent of technology has taken away the quality time of children to play outside or with other kids. Many kids spend more time playing mobile or computer games or watching television, depriving them of physical activity. It is important to manage their screen time as experts say that too much of this affects their development, linking it to speech delay, poor motor skills and other issues. Here are some techniques to help keep your child away from gadgets.

Child playing computer games

Set an example

It will be difficult to teach your child to lessen screen time if they see you engaged with gadgets yourself. Set a good example to your child by also teaching yourself to reduce the use of gadgets if it is not important. Instead, allow time for doing something with the children.

Get them busy

Playing mobile games or watching a lot of TV means your child has a lot of spare time. Get them busy doing other things they like. Change their routine and encourage them to hone their interests. Perhaps they love to draw, take pictures, or play football. Speak with them and plan how you can switch to a more productive activity. Do not let them become bored, and just settle for playing mobile games, by keeping them busy or thinking of other things to do.

Encourage hobbies

This is related to the second tip, but it is merely a way to keep them busy. Observe your child’s interest or ask them. From that, help them develop their hobbies such as painting, assembling puzzles, dancing, drawing, singing and many others. Buy educational yet inexpensive toys from Pound Shop. You will be surprised at the endless possibilities that can even foster their creativity or improve their physical health. The key is to be involved and encourage them. Getting them involved in sports is a great idea as well.

Teach them house chores

Time away from gadgets is an excellent chance for children to learn new skills and responsibilities such as house chores. Patiently teach them chores that they can do. This way, you also teach them the responsibility that can help them throughout their life.

It is very tempting just to give a child a gadget to get them busy so as not to disturb you or throw tantrums at an inconvenient time. However, the impact of too much screen time for both children and adults is huge. You might need to reduce your gadget use as well in order to be effective. What fosters a good relationship between parents and children is quality time together. If you have time to spend checking your social media account, you also have time to teach your kids or to bond with them. The first thing to do is accept that you also have a part in them being hooked on screens, so you should make positive changes together.



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