Sixteen Goals for 2019

Although we’re now a full week into the new year, I’m only just putting my goals down on paper (so to speak!) now.  Today is the first proper day back at school / work for us after Christmas – we’ve been putting it off and taking advantage of lie ins and cosy days at home, finishing off the festive treats and watching films as well as getting some much needed jobs done around the house.  As such, I feel like the new year starts today for us!

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I’ve said many times before that I don’t “do” resolutions – aside from the fact that January is just a really miserable time to be making sweeping changes to our diets / exercise regimes etc, I’m fairly settled in who I am at almost 39 and I don’t feel the need to suddenly become a whole new person on the first day of a new year.  That said, the new year does bring along with it feelings of fresh starts and is always a time I make plans and set goals for the year ahead.

In no particular order my goals for 2019 are:

1. Hit earnings target consistently

My flexible working arrangements mean that my income is pretty flexible too – sometimes this is a good thing, other times not so much.  It can be tricky to budget and manage our cash flow when we don’t know what’s coming in or when.  I can have a really busy month and earn plenty but then not get paid for it for absolutely ages (and often not on time) so I often find myself asking Dave, “What do I need to earn this month?” and then hoping for the best.  To try and combat this we’ve set up a new budget where we’ve tried to factor everything in for the whole year and then divided it up over the months so now I have a baseline target which I have to earn to cover the bills and a goal amount that covers all the ‘would be nice to haves’ on the budget.   Of course some months I don’t hit the baseline and other months I smash the goal – but the hope is that having a steady target each month will make it easier for me to manage my work load through the year!

2. Get a cleaner

Getting a cleaner is something Dave and I have discussed for quite a long time.  We’ve had a few one off cleans which is always amazing for giving the house a real blitz but what we’d like to do now is get someone on a more regular basis to maintain the cleaning for us.  Previously this has always been more about buying back time together so that we didn’t need to be spending time cleaning when we could be doing things as a family, however now it’s more about my health – I have the time to clean the house while the kids are at school of course (though this would be better spent working) but I’ve been suffering from Urticaria for a few years now and we’ve come to realise that what seems to be causing it is my ridiculous allergy to dust – I’m literally allergic to cleaning my own house – and despite living on strong antihistamine, a flare up will last for weeks.  So, we’re hoping that getting a cleaner will mean that the house is considerably less dusty and my allergies will be more manageable.

3. Keep the kitchen side clear

Ok so this was on last year’s goals list – we’ve definitely got better about keeping the surface clearer but it’s not clutter free yet so it’s definitely something to keep working on for the coming year.  I’m planning a major de-clutter and reorganisation of the kitchen later this month which will hopefully help matters!

4. Develop a routine

Amy has been in full time school for a full term now but I’ve yet to settle into a proper routine whereby I make time for exercise or take time off.  I know that I won’t find time to exercise, I have to make time – it needs to become part of my routine.  I got a new bike last spring but haven’t quite found my confidence on it as yet but in an ideal world I’d like to get out on my bike two or three times a week.  I’ve been saying for a long time that I want to take Fridays off, to not open my laptop and to spend the day doing jobs around the house or taking time for myself.  I have done better at taking days off, but I often feel guilty about it – so this year I’m going to aim to make Friday my regular day off (though of course this will be flexible if I need to take a different day off etc).

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5. Find more time to write for the sake of it

This isn’t a new goal, it’s one I had last year and one I need to continue to work towards this year.  I flipping love writing but I’m really aware that as time has gone on I have less time to write for the sake of it, to share our story as a family.  In part I guess this is down to the kids being in full time school so those milestones and moments are fewer and further between but they are still there to be captured.

6. Finish off half written posts in drafts

Again, this is something I had on my list last year.  I did have a really good clear out of old drafts that were no longer relevant and managed to finish and publish quite a few others but there’s still a good 40 posts sat in draft that need finishing off!

7. Wear jeans

I’m absolutely pig sick of wearing leggings.  Yes, they’re comfortable and practical but they’re so flipping boring.  I basically have five pairs of black leggings and five of the same black t shirt that I wear on rotation.  I want to wear jeans again but to be able to do that comfortably I need to lose some weight.  So I want to be able to wear jeans again bu the end of the year.

8. Finish redecorating the living room

We’ve been in our house for over a year now and in that time I’ve never really liked our living room.  It has never felt completely done.  Over the years we’ve put down new flooring, re-plastered the room, put in a new window, taken the new window out again and put a whole new extension on the side.  We’ve swapped bits of furniture, added cushions, put up pictures but never felt that it was finished.  In the autumn we finally took out the hideous gas far and dated mantelpiece.  This weekend Dave has put down some new floor to fill the gap the old hearth had left but the wall still needs re-plastering.  Once that’s done we’re hoping to get a new TV stand, sofas and a rug.  2019 will be the year I love my living room!

9. Stop wasting time on people who don’t have time for me

This is an ongoing thing for me.  I’ve always been the sort of person who is really good at staying in touch with people and organising catch ups but every now and again you realise you’re the only person doing it.  As I get older I’m getting better at concentrating my efforts where they are appreciated and realising that I shouldn’t be prioritising spending my time on people who aren’t prioritising spending time with me.

10. Achieve a combined social following of 50k

I used to set individual targets across my social media but for the last couple of years I’ve gone for a combined following instead.  I had set 50k as my target for last year but my growth slowed considerably and I didn’t quite get there so I’m pulling that through to this year

11. Deal with PMT and cramps

I vlogged about this at the start of last year – but I ended the year basically where I started it.  The Cerazette didn’t work for me so I need to get back to the nurse and see what we can do next – I think I’m going to try the coil.  If only there was a way to just switch it all off!

12.  Drink more

Anyone who knows me well will know this a bit of an ongoing issue for me – I’m basically a camel.  I don’t drink anywhere near enough water.  I don’t like squash and I don’t drink tea or coffee either.  I basically live on diet pop – which is obviously not ideal.  So yes, I need to try and make a conscious effort to drink more – I’m going to start by trying to make a glass of water with my meals a habit.

13. Sort the back garden

Much like the living room, out back garden is a space we’ve never really got on top of.  We’ve re-turfed it several times over the last decade and we put in a new fence fairly recently (only for my careless neighbour to make a right mess of it again with his slopping painting . . . ) but the garden just always looks a bit of a state.  We had fully intended to lay an artificial lawn last summer but despite having the money set aside, we just ran out of time.  The money has now gone elsewhere (hello living room renovation) but I’m determined that we’ll get that artificial lawn done this spring!

14. Manage my urticaria

I mentioned my urticaria earlier in the post but I feel it needs a goal of it’s own.  Last year I really struggled with allergic reactions causing urticaria on my arms – it’s angry, sore and downright ugly.  My antihistamines were increased to the maximum dose and one particularly bad flare up was treated with antibiotics and steroids.  As far as I can tell it’s my dust allergy that’s causing the reactions – even something as simple as dusting a shelf or emptying the vacuum sets it off but then the flare up can last for weeks.  I’m hoping that getting a cleaner will make a big difference but if not then I shall be back at the GP and requesting a referral.

15. Watch more films

I’ve always been a bit rubbish at watching films.  I rarely get to the cinema unless it’s to take the kids to watch a ‘Movies for Juniors’.  This year I’m going to start going to the cinema on my own occasionally during the day – that way I’ll get to actually see the films I want to watch without worrying about trying to find a babysitter or whether Dave will want to watch the film or not!

16. Travel more – both at home and abroad

2019 is shaping up to be a pretty busy year for us travel-wise, we already have three foreign trips planned in but travel both at home and aboard is definitely a priority for us at the moment.

Colette Burgess - family lifestyle travel blogger

So there we go – I set out planning to write 19 goals for 2019 but actually I’m going to stop at 16.  I could probably find some more but I think I’d be scraping the barrel a bit  – and let’s face it, I can’t just keep adding an extra goal every year can I!  Much like last year, although I’ve set out these goals, really I just want to remain happy and healthy.  Have you set any goals or resolutions for this year?



  1. January 7, 2019 / 8:51 pm

    Some great goals there Col! Getting a cleaner is a game changer and it means you are giving someone else the chance to be their own boss and work flexibly too.

    • Colette
      January 7, 2019 / 8:55 pm

      Absolutely – I think it will be beneficial to both my mental and physical health and, as you say, spreads the benefit beyond my family too.

  2. January 7, 2019 / 11:39 pm

    Wow! All achievable, but that’s a hefty list. A lot do cross over though, so if you can set the ball rolling, I reckon you can do it. Best of luck- you’ll never keep the side clear though!! 😀

    • Colette
      January 8, 2019 / 8:12 am

      No, I don’t think I will! It’s such a dumping ground!

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