Dentinox Cradle Cap Shampoo & Teething Gel – review

Dentinox Cradle Cap Shampoo

All three of my children have suffered from cradle cap to varying degrees – I’m led to believe this is in part due to them having quite a bit of hair as it makes it more likely that the skin will build up.  Anyway we have used Denitnox cradle cap shampoo with each of them and found it to be really effective.  Ben’s cradle cap was managed with the Dentinox cradle cap shampoo to a point but at one stage he needed to be prescribed a strong treatment shampoo by the dermatologist.  Once it had cleared up we went back to using the Dentinox which kept it at bay.  Chloe, at nearly three, still suffers from patches of cradle cap from time to time and whilst it doesn’t appear to bother her I do find the Dentinox cradle cap shampoo helps to clear it up.  Amy had really bad cradle cap when she was tiny but it cleared up quickly and amazingly doesn’t appear to have come back – I was told she would be much more prone to it with her full head of hair!  Her hair is almost solely washed with Dentinox cradle cap shampoo and I’m convinced that’s helping.  Aside from being really effective on cradle cap its also just a really nice shampoo leaving their hair clean, soft and manageable (which is becoming increasingly important as Chloe’s hair gets longer and she gets less keen on having it brushed!)

Dentinox Cradle Cap Shampoo

Dentinox Teething Gel 

Amy is 8 months now and ripe for teething but as yet isn’t really showing much in the way of symptoms beyond a lot of dribble!  In fairness Ben and Chloe didn’t really show much in the way of teething symptoms either so it was often just a bit of guess work & using the odd teething remedy just in case.  The other day Amy seemed to be particularly fed up and I thought I’d chance my arm that perhaps her teeth were bothering her a bit.  I rubbed a little of the Denitnox Teething Gel on her gums – I was impressed that it wasn’t just really slippy and gloopy like other teething gels I’ve used.  Teething gels often just seem to slide off as soon as you’ve applied them which is hardly effective.  This wasn’t the case with the Dentinox Teething Gel.  Whether Amy’s teeth had been hurting or not I can’t say for sure but she was certainly happy once I’d used the gel!


*We were provided with these products free of charge for the purposes of review however all thoughts and opinions remain my own*

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  1. July 23, 2014 / 1:44 pm

    We swear by Dentinox products – Used the shampoo with both and use the teething gel regularly x

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