Diet regimes for puppies. Does this affect training?

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Today, our “puppy” Thomas is seven years old.  It seems like no time at all since he was all of three months old and coming to live with us.  With that in mind, I’m sharing a post on how best to feed your puppy for good health and to meet his full training potential!

ten week old boxer puppy

When you have a new puppy, it’s important to offer him a healthy eating schedule and to make sure that he is following it strictly to ensure the best possible health and training results. By getting your dog on a good diet schedule, you’ll enhance your dog training while also boosting his health in the process.

Feed During Set Time Periods

For the best results you should set a couple different times throughout the day for your dog to eat his food. These are the times that you will put down the bowl of food, and if the food isn’t eaten during these times your dog must go without. This helps assert that you are in control of the food and that you say when it can be consumed and when it cannot. It’s an important step to help you train your canine to behave.

Choose High Quality Food

The type and quality of food that you give your dog can really affect the house breaking process. That’s because low quality food will cause your dog to poop much more often than high quality food will. That makes it difficult for your companion to make it outside in time without having accidents around your home. Simply switching to a good quality food will make it much easier for your pet to go outside, which is great for your carpet, and for training progress overall.

Restrict Nighttime Water

It’s never a good idea to fully restrict the water that your puppy has access to, because this can lead to dehydration and other problems, but that doesn’t mean you need to provide water all throughout the day either. When house training your puppy, it’s a good idea to stop giving him water a few hours before bed, and to make sure that he’s been outside during that time period as well. This makes it easier to make it through the night without accidents and is an excellent training tool for owners to use.

The way that you feed your dog, and the quality of food that you give to him really can affect training as well as his health. That’s why you have to do your best to offer high quality food at all times, and to keep good control over the food that you are giving your dog for his health and to make training simpler for you. Talk with a good puppy trainer to help you figure out just what food to feed your dog and how to handle giving it out every day. Learning proper food handling will lead to better training results overall.

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