Fantasie Lingerie – The best bras for big boobs?

From my very first bra, I was always an M&S girl – getting regularly measured and fitted to ensure I was getting the right shape and support for my increasingly ample chest.  In my early to mid twenties I had a lovely pair of fairly full and perky 36DD breasts however, three breast fed babies down the line, with my forties staring my in the face, my boobs are not what they were – yes they’re still big but now they hang low, they lack any volume or fullness so in the wrong bra they just look sad.  This is unflattering, uncomfortable and just now how I want my boobs to be!  The beautiful balcony bras I used to love no longer fit properly – my boobs now tend to just sit in them, looking flat, rather than feeling shapely and supported.

In recent years, I have found my bra choices in M&S becoming increasingly limited – I know that a “full cup” style suits me best but all too often these are designed for older customers and just leave me feeling frumpy.  A couple of years ago, Mum bought me a gift voucher for Bravissimo for Christmas – somewhere I had always avoided shopping as I didn’t think my chest was “that big” and I had this misconception that Bravissimo was really expensive.  In reality I think that yes, Bravissimo do sell bras that are a little more expensive than M&S but they’re not ridiculous, and certainly not as expensive as I had thought they would be.  Regardless of cost, when I got my first bras from Bravissmo, friends actually commented on the difference proving that a correctly fitting, supportive bra can be a complete game changer.  I felt like I had my boobs back!

Through a mixture of trial and error and with the help of a great fitting at Bravissmo, I’ve learned that I suit a full cup style with side support which pushes up and forward to encourage the natural rounded shape that I miss.  Unfortunately a full cup isn’t seen as being the most youthful of styles and as such the colours and fabrics are not as modern as I would like – on my last trip to Bravissmo I found the full cup bras available in my size were really old-fashioned and matronly.  I actually ended up just buying the same bra as the one I was wearing and left feeling thoroughly frustrated that whilst I did have a lovely bra that fitted and supported my boobs – I just didn’t seem to have any choice in buying pretty patterns and colours.  I shouldn’t have to be stuck with boring old lady bras just because I wear a 40F!

Thanks to my lovely friend Sarah, I was recently introuced to Fantastie Lingirie.  Sarah had been featuring some abolsutely beautiful bras on her instagram and was raving about how well these new bras fitted and how pretty they were.  Imagine my delight to discover that these gorgeous bras are actually specifically for women with larger cup sizes!

Designed to provide effortless support to bring out the best in your figure, Fantasie’s sophisticated styles and blissful fabrics will wrap you in amazing comfort and fill you with confidence every single day.

Fantasie have a whole range of bra types – but what really excited me was the choice of “side support” bras.  Each season they launch a collection featuring a range of fabrics and a selection of bras and knickers in different shapes and styles within that fabric if that makes sense – so if you really like a particular pattern of fabric, you have a good chance of finding a bra that suits you.  I ordered a couple based on my most recent Bravissimo fitting and held my breath, fearing that I would have got my size wrong or that they just wouldn’t fit.

When the bras arrived I was so excited to try them on, they’re so pretty, so modern – and yes they fit absolutely perfectly!  There’s no gaping, no bulging, no over spill.  The central piece lies flat against my body, the straps don’t dig in and I feel supported – my boobs are lifted and look full again.  I am absolutely in love with my new Fantasie bras – I feel like I’ve finally found a lingire brand that gets what I want from my bra!  (The only downside is that the gorgeous knickers tend to fit a little small for me as whilst I don’t want a frumpy old lady bra, I am a fan of a big pant – blame my c-section tummy!  Mostly the knickers only seem to go up to a 2XL which translates to an 18 and I’m pretty sure that I’m not the only one who has a slightly curvier bum than that!)

I wish I were brave enough to share photos of myself wearing my bras to show you just how amazing they look but I’m afraid you’ll just have to take my word for it!

Fantasie bra for fuller cup

Supportive but pretty bra straps from Fantasie

Modern detailing on Fantasie bra

It’s also worth noting that Fantasie have a great range of swimwear – I’ve never had a properly fitting, wired swimming costume before so was super excited to try the Ottawa Twist Front swimsuit.  Now this is esaily the most expensive swimming costumer I’ve ever owned at almost £80.  The fabric feels amazing and the gold details on the straps just add to the feeling of luxury – this feels like the sort of swimsuit I should be wearing for a spa day or for lounging by the pool rather than whizzing down slides with the kids!  The drawstring, gathered detail is flattering on your tummy but also allows you to control how high the fit of the leg is to make sure the suit fits exactly as you would like.  The wired cups fit perfectly however I was disappointed that they weren’t more supportive.  I guess I had thought they would lift and support my boobs as much as my bra but in reality the cups are still just swimming costume fabric – so whilst they are fairly supportive, they don’t give the lift and shape I had hoped for!  This is more a fault of my own expectations than of the swimming costume itself!  The Ottawa range features three different bikini tops, three different styles of bottoms, a tankini and this swim suit so there’s plenty of choice when it comes to finding your perfect style and fit!

 Ottawa Twist Front swimsuit from Fantasie

 Ottawa Twist Front swimsuit - gather detail

If you have a fuller bust, I wholeheartedly recommend popping down to Bravissimo to get yourself properly fitted and then checking out the gorgeous range from Fantasie.  I’ve already had a sneaky peek at the new AW18 range and I’ve got my eye on several new bras including a gorgeous navy one!  My boobs have never been so well dressed!

*I received these items from Fantasie free of charge for the purpose of review however all thoughts and opinions remain my own*

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18 thoughts on “Fantasie Lingerie – The best bras for big boobs?

  1. I was fitted at Bravissimo and I’m so glad I was. I’m now fully supported, in the correct size bra. I haven’t tried any Fantasie yet but next time I’m bra shopping I will try them out 🙂 x

  2. I am finding it really difficult to find bras that fit me and am also disillusioned with the choices at Marks and Spencers right now. There is some beautiful underwear on the Fantasie website. Thank for the tip :o)


  3. Gah, I hate bra shopping especially after 2 years in maternity bras. I just can’t bear wires but suspect that’s because I’ve not got the right fit so I’d rather stick with my falling apart nursing bras (not at all glam!).

  4. I love a good fitting bra and a pretty one too. It’s one of the few things I indulge in after the breastfeeding stage is over hehe. Maybe a see-through top would have worked for the pic – pretend you are in the beach ?

  5. Wow I love the colours on that bra, it’s so pretty. I really need to go and have a proper fitting, everything has changed since I had my daughter. #triedtested

  6. I’ve worn and loved fantasie bras for years (34F!) they have so many lovely styles and colours – so pleased to hear you like them too. That pattern is beautiful. and the swimming costume looks epic! v spa day as you say. love Bec 🙂 xx

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