Personalised Bento Lunchboxes from Petit-Fernand – Review & Giveaway

As a primary school teacher and a parent I’m a big fan of personalisation – anything which makes it easier for children (or their teachers) to identify their property is a win.

Petit-Fernand offer a range of personalised bento-style lunch boxes with customisation options including colour, font and background images meaning you can perfectly tailor your child’s lunch box to suit their likes!

Ahead of our trip to France last month, we ordered Ben, Chloe and Amy new boxes featuring the limited edition nautical and Liberty prints (you’ll need to be quick if you want to order one as they aren’t available after 17th June but there’s new limited edition prints on the way and the standard range are super cute too!)

Petit-Fernand liberty print lunch box

Petit-Fernand liberty print lunch box - limited edition

Limited edition nautical print personalised lunch box

In true bento style, the box is split out into sections to fit all the different parts of your meal.  The separate sections mean you can pop in some prepared fruit, a bit of a sandwich, a handful of crisps . . . the options are endless.  The containers within the bento box are removable adding flexibility so if you wanted to pop some pasta or something in the bottom of the box you can take the containers out.  (Oh and the lunch box is safe for microwaving in case you wanted to heat that pasta up!)

bento style lunch box from Petit-Fernand

bento style snack box

We found that the boxes are quite weighty due to the integrated ice pack and despite being fairly big, it can be tricky to get all your bits and pieces in so, rather than using them for school dinners, we prefer to use ours for snacks.  The integrated ice pack is great for making sure that your snacks stay as fresh as possible, especially if you’re using it whilst travelling as we have done.  The flip locks keep everything secure within your lunchbox but are also easy enough to open that Amy was able to get into her box without any help.

lunch break

Ben, Chloe and Amy loved being able to dip into their snack boxes and pick out whatever they fancied eating when they were hungry.  It meant we didn’t need to worry about opening packets or whether food would get wasted if they didn’t eat it all at once.  Having their own personalised boxes made snack time way more exciting than it normally would have done too!

If you’d like to be in with a chance of winning a Petit-Fernand personalised bento lunchbox worth £22 then just complete the rafflecopter below, ensuring to do this accurately to avoid disqualifcation.

 a Rafflecopter giveaway

*We received our Petit-Fernand lunch boxes free of charge for the purposes of review, however all thoughts and opinions remain our own*  

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