Final update of the 2014 Autumn Bucket List

I can’t believe it’s December tomorrow – for two reasons; one I’m just not ready for it, it seems to have come round ridiculously quickly and two it’s really not cold enough!! Earlier this week I was looking at my Timehop app and noticed a Facebook status from a few years ago which said something about it being -7 degrees out . . . and on the day I read it it was 10 degrees!  There’s certainly not been much risk of a hard frost has there? 

Anyway it’s time to do a quick round up of the rest of the Autumn Bucket List before I start to think about the Winter one! 

3. Enjoy some Mummy & Amy time 

Mummy & Amy

After a Summer of having all three children at home I was looking forward to giving Amy some one to one attention and really enjoying some proper quality time while the other two were at school.

On a day to day basis I find Ben and Chloe demand my attention – spellings, reading books, walks to school, playing games, general chatter.  The housework / building work demands my attention.  My work demands my attention.  Bo rarely demands my attention and I feel she’s often at the bottom of the pile as a result.  She’s so easy going and happy to entertain herself that it’s easy to get sidetracked doing chores while she plays.

Looking back over the last couple of months I still don’t think I’ve given her as much focussed attention as I had hoped – I rarely just sit down and play with her.  It doesn’t help that she still has a good long sleep in the morning which is our time alone together.  She has also spent far more time than I would like in her playpen or highchair as the house is generally not a safe place for a little one to be crawling about at the moment.

I’m going to carry this forward to the next Bucket List and try to make sure that each day I get chance to sit and give her a proper fuss.  

5. Collect conkers 

Much like last year this was a complete and utter fail –  We couldn’t find any at all, I think they’re just ready too early now.  Perhaps collecting conkers needs to be a late summer activity next year! 

6.  Move into the extension and host an extension warming party!

Hmmm.  Well we’re not in.  We’re not far off but we’re definitely not in.  We are certainly not party ready (or even Christmas ready) that’s for sure.  I’ll be rolling this one over to the Winter list! 

8.  Start Chloe’s swimming lessons

We had high hopes for Chloe to start her lessons right back in September however we’re still waiting for the phone call to tell me there’s a space for her!  She’s being very patient watching Ben each week but she’s desperate to get in the pool and have a go herself! 

9. Start dance lessons for Ben

Another fail here I’m afraid.  I had thought about taking Ben to have Street Dance lessons with the lovely Sophie who taught us North West bloggers our Flash Mob routine for the MADS – however in the end I decided not to as Street Dance isn’t really what he wants to do.  The little dude is desperate to learn to breakdance so I need to keep looking.  (If anyone has any suggestions please let me know!)

10.  Depending on the state of our gardening I’d like to plant some bulbs for Spring! 

The less said about this the better.  My garden is a builders’ yard.

12.  Splash in puddles – obviously! 

We’ve definitely had a few soggy days and some opportunities for puddle jumping but they’ve usually been on the way home from school rather than an intentional excursion.

Splashing in puddles
Splashing in a rather large puddle on the way home from school

13.  Enjoy getting wrapped up in jumpers and hats
It hasn’t been quite cold enough for getting all bundled up in knitwear really!  That said Chloe does like her new Winter hat!

Autumn picnic
Woolly hat and muddy knees!

15.  Make soup

I got the ingredients to make my favourite Roasted Sweet Potato & Onion Soup – but then didn’t actually get round to it.  Whoops

16.  Blow dragon breath

As I’ve already mentioned it has been a surprsingly mild Autumn with very few opportunities for blowing dragon breath!  We’ve had a few colder mornings this last week or so and Ben was excited to be able to have a go at blowing Dragon Breath – Chloe was blowing too hard.  I haven’t really managed to get any good photos though! 

Blowing dragon breath
Blowing dragon breath

18.  Get back to work two days a week

After a slow start in the first half term where I was tending to work a day a week things have picked up since the holidays and I’m generally booking two days a week now. 

19.  Autumn crafts

There’s been no Autumn craft at all!  The building work has put paid to that really.  We’ve spent a lot of time getting out and about trying to keep out of the way! 

20.  Celebrate Amy’s first birthday

Whilst Amy’s birthday wasn’t the big celebration and party I would have liked it was certainly ticked off the list and she enjoyed her day. 

Opening birthday presents
Birthday girl

21.  Keep going on that long hard “Wedding Weight” slog

I’ve made a little more progress this last month losing 10lbs and getting down to my lowest weight since before I got pregnant with Amy.  After spending 9 days doing a “Cleanse” and giving myself a bit of a kick start I found I could actually see a difference and felt a bit more focussed.  Bizzarely one of the places I’ve noticed the loss is in my feet – I can now wear normal width shoes again rather than a wide fit! 

In an ideal world I’d be going to Slimming World every week as I know it works for me but I just can’t afford the classes.  Of course I will be rolling this over into the Winter list and will keep working at getting another stone & a half off.

So all in all not my most successful Bucket List so far however not all entirely my own doing so I will be adding lots of the fails over onto the Winter list! 

Our Autumn Bucket List:

  1. Watch Chloe start Nursery 03.09.14
  2. See Ben settle into his Year 1 class & new childcare arrangements  23.10.14
  3. Enjoy some Mummy & Amy time
  4. Family Day at York races (we missed it last year for the first time since Ben was born) 07.09.14
  5. Collect conkers – this was a massive fail last year so we need to try again! – We failed!
  6. Move into the extension & host an extension warming party!
  7. Attend Harvest Festival at school 03.10.14
  8. Start Chloe’s swimming lessons
  9. Start dance lessons for Ben
  10. Depending on the state of our garden I’d like to plant some bulbs for Spring!
  11. Kick leaves – a standard Autumn activity of course! 27.10.14
  12. Splash in puddles – obviously!
  13. Enjoy getting wrapped up in jumpers and hats
  14. Celebrate bonfire night 05.11.14
  15. Make soup
  16. Blow dragon breath
  17. Stop breastfeeding 19.09.14
  18. Get back to work two days a week
  19. Autumn crafts
  20. Celebrate Amy’s 1st birthday (did I really just write that?) 06.11.14
  21. Keep going on that long hard “Wedding Weight” slog


  1. December 2, 2014 / 11:28 am

    I LOVE that you write this bucket list and then go back and cross off all the ones you've completed – such a great way to focus on the important things in a season! #triedandtested

  2. December 14, 2014 / 11:40 pm

    oh wow what a super list though honey and in fairness you did so well getting so many done! i would not have managed half of those! x

  3. Clare Nicholas
    December 16, 2014 / 1:55 pm

    It is so hard finding time to fit in one to one, I find myself doing housework when it's just me and Harry

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