Good Bubble bath products – Review

Ben and Chloe are big fans of bath time – I can’t say they especially enjoy having their hair washed but they endure it for splashy playtime which follows!

Ben has pretty sensitive skin so we’re quite careful about what we use in the bath.  We have a tried and tested combination of products which suit them both and we don’t really tend to deviate from them.  They only get bathed a couple of times a week as, although they’d love a daily bath, it doesn’t do a lot for Ben’s skin.

When we were offered the chance to try some products from the Good Bubble range I was happy to try something different on the basis that the Good Bubble range is designed to be super caring and gentle on your child’s skin and hair.  Free from harsh chemicals but rich in nutrients, they sound like just the sort of products I’d be looking to use on my own skin and hair!

We’ve been using Dragon Fruit Bubble Bath, Cloudberry Shampoo and Cloudberry Conditioner for around a month now.

Good Bubble bath products

What we love: 

* Ben and Chloe love the sweet smell of the products – Ben says they smell of apples but he could hardly be expected know they smelt of tropical superfruits.  They are definitely very fruity smelling products.

* It’s easy to create a good amount of bubbles with a good swirl (though it’s not as bubbly as our usual product)

* The shampoo is easy to lather and rinse out leaving the hair lovely and clean with a lingering fruity fragrance.

* The shampoo didn’t bother either of them if they got it in their eyes while it was being rinsed which is hugely important for an easy bath time!

* None of the products seemed to irritate Ben’s sensitive skin! Hurrah

What we weren’t so keen on: 

* Although the kids and Daddy loved the fragrance, Mummy thought it was a bit too sickly sweet smelling – of course that’s just personal taste!

* It’s a bit easy to go and squeeze too much product out – I love to see pumps on these sort of products to avoid wastage

* The conditioner is quite difficult to spread and then took forever to rinse out properly – we found it really didn’t suit Chloe’s hair and left it looking dull and lank.  It must be said though that we have never used conditioner on Chlo’s hair before so I can’t really say if this is specific to this product or whether its just that her hair really doesn’t need conditioner.

We would definitely use these products again – just swerving the conditioner for now!

*Disclaimer – We were provided with a selection of products free of charge for the purposes of review but all thoughts and opinions are our own*

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  1. March 31, 2014 / 7:09 pm

    I've never used conditioner in LP's hair either and still just use Johnson's 'yellow' shampoo. I always find it hard to try out new products when you're used to something and it works x

    • March 31, 2014 / 7:25 pm

      Chlo has always suffered a bit with cradle cap so we swap between standard Johnsons and Dentinox. It's definitely a case of "if it aint broke don't fix it" isn't it 🙂 x

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