Goose & Cesca are wed!

I wrote last week about how I was particularly looking forward to this weekend just gone and some time to ourselves.

After almost 15 years together some of our oldest friends were finally set to tie the knot.  I was beyond excited and the weekend didn’t disappoint!

Despite the fact Mum was at ours first thing we hadn’t been especially organised about our packing and Dave had some painting to finish before we could leave so it was around 12pm before we actually got set off.  It was the strangest feeling.  A car with no children in the back and a weekend of freedom stretched out ahead of us.

Although I was quite looking forward to the long drive South, neither of us were impressed when we put the postcode into the sat nav and rather than the 4ish hours we were expecting the journey time was now looking more like 6.  Of course there is little you can do is there.  We set off and accepted we would just arrive when we would arrive.  As luck would have it the sat nav offered an alternative route which avoided an incident on the M6 and shaved about 90 minutes off the predicted journey time.  The joy was short lived however as there was another accident further on and by the time we had navigated that we were just into general Friday tea time traffic.  All told I think it was about 5.5 hours from start to finish including a short stop for lunch.  We were both more than pleased to get out of the car at the other end!

Our hotel for the weekend was the rather beautiful The Manor House, Godalming where we spent Friday evening catching up with friends, delighting in the odd drink or two and a delicious steak.  It was a lovely relaxed way to start the weekend and set us up well for the following day (aside from the odd sore head which could be seen in the breakfast room in the morning!)

It was such a pleasure to really take my time getting ready on Saturday morning – washing and drying my hair in peace, putting my make up on without feeling the need to rush or worry about what anyone else was doing.

All made up and ready to go
The weather was absolutely perfect – bright, frosty and cold (unlike the following day which was grey, damp and miserable!)  The wedding itself was to take place at Loseley Park which was just a short drive away.  The wedding ceremony took place in the very grand Great Hall with the Reception in Tithe Barn.
Mr & Mrs Roberts
All official
Much laughter!

I was really very touched to be asked to do a reading, and equally relieved to discover my reading was to be early on in the ceremony as I was nervous and I knew I needed to keep a grip of my emotions until I’d played my part!  I fought back the tears when Cesca entered the room – she was absolutely radiant!  I might well be used to speaking in “public” but 30 or so children is never going to be the same as 70+ wedding guests however I think I did ok!  The ceremony was perfect, relaxed and happy with lots of laughter – I can’t bear a stuffy and overly formal wedding ceremony and it really wouldn’t have suited them.

Once the formalities were done and dusted it was time to celebrate – fabulous canapes and lots of fizz (or gin in my case) made way for great speeches and an absolutely delicious dinner with some of my best friends.  It couldn’t fail to be fantastic!

This is one of my favourite photos of the evening – would you believe we were looking at shoes?!
The fabulous Miss Hughes
Special gift
Wedding singing!

After dinner we were treated to an Italian wedding tradition of a full on sing song – Goose and Cesca had chosen a combination of English and Italian songs for us to belt out together.  Clearly the Italian just ended up being abslolute gibberish noise from our table (as did some of the English to be fair) but we were having a great time so who cares!

Unfortunately for me the rest of the evening was somewhat marred by illness – I think a combination of too much lovely food, too much gin and too much underwear was probably to blame but I had a dreadfully upset stomach and ended up having to go home to bed!  Dave on the other hand continued to drink and be very merry into the early hours.  He made his way back to our hotel room, with some guidance from Chris so I’m told, after trying to set off down the wrong stairs.  I was woken by him getting into bed almost fully clothed after struggling to get his new boots undone – I would have left him had I not been worried he’d get up for the toilet in the night and end up falling over his trousers!  (I would also have cut those flipping laces off if I’d had some scissors – they were a complete nightmare and he’s been given strict instructions never to wear those boots out drinking again!)

I’m pleased to say that I woke relatively hangover free – just a bit tired.  The early check out on the hotel was a bit harsh but the lengthy drive home to Manchester was decidedly more challenging.  It just seemed to go on forever – I was glad when we stopped at services for a bit of a refuel (both for us and the car) and Dave took over the driving!

All in all it was a top weekend, as we had known it would be.  And to top if off, we came home to three very well looked after children and a newly tiled bathroom!  (But that’s a whole other blog post!)


  1. December 11, 2014 / 10:44 pm

    Oh Loseley Park is gorgeous and your bride friend is beautiful!! To think you were so close to us and yet we didn't get a chance to meet – boo! We will see each other at some point I am sure 🙂 x

    • December 12, 2014 / 9:47 am

      It just never even occurred to me that we were in your neck of the woods Donna, and in fairness you wouldn't want to have seen us on Sunday haha. Next time!! x

  2. December 12, 2014 / 8:05 pm

    Sounds like a wedding full of festivities and candid. Your pics are amazing and I am in love with the Bride's dress, it's beautiful!! x

    • December 12, 2014 / 8:38 pm

      She looked fabulous. The bridesmaids dresses were equally as stunning 🙂 x

  3. December 12, 2014 / 8:38 pm

    What a wonderful looking wedding- so sorry you ended up poorly! You look fab though 🙂 x x

    • December 13, 2014 / 8:44 pm

      Thank you! 😀

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