Half Term {Ordinary Moments}

As a teacher, I guess I take having the school holidays off with my kids for granted.  There are lots of ways in which teaching is most definitely not family friendly but the school holidays?  Yes, they’re a win.

I’ve been working on supply for the best part of five years now and of course with that comes significant flexibility – I can choose exactly when I do and don’t work – which turns out to be really quite lucky as, for the first time ever, the school I’m currently working in has a different half term to my own children.  I’m sure February half-term is usually pretty standard but I’ve found lots of my friends have different holidays to me this time.

Sibling at half term - Ordinary Moments

For the sake of childcare but more because I actually want to spend time with my kids, I took this last week off work.  Yes we’ve lost a few days pay which isn’t ideal but, due to the flexible nature of my work, I can always book a few days in a different school next week to catch up.  As it is, if I don’t get anything booked in I will take advantage of the chance to get caught up on my freelance work and make up the money that way instead!

Ordinary Moments - half term, family on tram

Half term is always a busy holiday for us – so many people we want to see or places to visit and just a handful of days to do it in – not helped this year by the disjointed break.  I usually try to factor in a “Calm Down Day” where we chill out at home and relax and often there will be a day of childcare booked in to give the kids a change of scene and me a chance to keep on top of my blogging or the house work.  This half term we were treated to a day with Daddy too!

The holidays have flown by and I’m going to be more than a little sad to see my dudes go back off to school again tomorrow!  How many weeks is it till Easter?

14 thoughts on “Half Term {Ordinary Moments}

  1. 7 weeks!
    Love these sort of posts as they are pretty much the kids of thing that goes round my head regarding teaching and spending time with the family. Obviously the holidays have always been a big bonus with teaching, but they are much more so now that I have kids.

  2. I used to work as a child minder, so all the school holidays, were super busy and super fun, I loved and think the children, did too, every minute#ordinary moments

  3. Aww I hope you’ve had a lovely week, nice that you got a day just the five of you too. I think it sounds perfect that you can pick & choose to a degree, that photo of the three of them together is beautiful. I saw your ones from Manchester and they really looked like you had a great time X

  4. It’s so nice to see flexibility in working. Our county starts half term this week which has been really bizarre reading all of the stories and goings on about people being off, but I guess parks in neighbouring counties might be a bit quieter! #TheOrdinaryMoments

  5. Oh hunny it sounds like you have a perfect work life balance and get the most out of it for you and your beautiful family. Love the fun photo. We keep saying it but let get together soon. #ordinarymoments

  6. I have also thought that half term was weird this time around as well, loads of people off at different times, I swear it isn’t normally like that? I hope you had a lovely week, it went by far too quick! xx

  7. This half term really has been odd. I felt quite sad sending the kids to school this morning then reading lots of tweets from people just starting their week off. It’s great that you have that flexibility with your job an got to spend the week together. Also, not that I’m counting or anything (ok, I may be counting), but it’s only 7 weeks until easter!x

  8. I have loved half term too and am counting down till Easter already and she doesn’t even go back until tomorrow! We live in a different county to where Eva goes to school too which has had different holidays so it has been a strange one with lots of teacher friends struggling. Such a shame x

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