Ice Skating at Selfridges, Trafford Centre – Review

Yesterday we set out pretty early doors to make our way up to the Trafford Centre.  We had intentionally booked the first skate session of the day on the basis that we really didn’t want to have to face the traffic to get up there later in the day!  (If you’re not local let me just tell you that you don’t want to be going to the Trafford Centre on the last Saturday before Christmas unless you really have to!!)

Of course, as ever, we hadn’t told the children where we were going.  They knew we were going on an adventure and they knew Finley & Erin were coming with us – which made it even more exciting!  Ben was thrilled to be able to go with Finley in his car (which also meant that Dave & I were able to enjoy a rare car journey together too!)  On the way up to the Trafford Centre Ben and Finley were discussing what they thought the adventure might be – apparently suggesting we might be going to Blackpool to go to the beach!! Hmmmm.  Amazingly as soon as we pulled into the car park Ben announced we were going ice skating!  We were all stunned but he said he just remembered from last year and that he recognised the car park!!

This year the rink is decorated with a green foresty theme, beautiful green toned baubles, logs, furs and fabulous golden paper chains strung from the ceiling.

Ice Skating at Selfridges, Trafford Centre
Ice Skating at Selfridges, Trafford Centre
Ice Skating at Selfridges, Trafford Centre
Green and gold decorations at Selfridges ice rink

The proper single blade boots for children start from size 11, and whilst Ben and Finley are both somewhere around a size 10 we decided to try them in proper boots and see how they got on as they’d worn them last year anyway.  The girls were in special skates which fastened over their normal shoes – these were much easier for little ones to walk about in as they had four smaller blades.

Unsurprisingly nobody’s skating skills had dramatically improved since last year so we were very glad of the seal supports! (These are hired in addition to the ticket price)  Chloe knew perfectly well that she couldn’t skate and was more than happy to sit on the seal and be whizzed around the ice.  Ben on the other hand was determined to learn to skate – which basically meant he was insistent on standing behind the seal or even trying to get round by himself clinging onto the side!  He did manage a whole lap round clinging on bless him but wasn’t able to use the seal support by himself as he just sort of slid his feet backwards and forwards.  The very friendly ice marshals are on hand to give a few tips should you need them too.

Ice Skating at Selfridges, Trafford Centre

Initially we were disappointed to see that this year’s food offerings were not Krispy Kremes but was in fact a Creperie however it makes perfect sense that this fits far better with the skating them!  Once we’d treated ourselves to biscuits and cakes we were pleasantly surprised!  The cookies were still warm and the cakes were moist, sweet and sticky.

Snacks at the Selfridges Ice Rink

The 45 minute skate session whizzed by with us taking it in turns to push the kids around – obviously we were considerably more tired than they were by the end of it!  Nobody really fell over, not even Dave who managed a fully independent “skate” around the rink.  There might have been a little racing going on during the more quiet moments on the rink too!  (As proved by the very blurred photo!)

Ice Skating at Selfridges

The rink remains open until 4th January and is well worth a visit when you’re looking for something different to do once the eating and Christmas films are getting boring!


*Disclaimer we were invited to skate free of charge for the purpose of this review however all thoughts and opinions remain our own*


  1. December 21, 2014 / 9:35 pm

    You cheeky so and so. My 'skate' as you so condescendingly put it contained 2 separate 360's. Neither were my own decision granted, but never the less that is Dancing on Ice level skills I think you'll find. Any Todd Carty references are mean spirited.

  2. December 22, 2014 / 10:27 pm

    Oh this looks lovely and my daughter has just discovered ice skating so would absolutely love this!
    Great photos and it looks like you had a fabulous time
    Have a very happy Christmas and new year xx

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