Jaybird X3 wireless headphones – Review

The Jaybird X3 wireless headphones are designed for runners and fitness fanatics  . . . so you might be wondering what possible use I could have for them?  I mean let’s face it . . . we all know I’m not a runner don’t we!  Well let me tell you now, I flipping love them.

For the most part, if I’m going to be listening to music out and about it will be on the train travelling through to London for work using Spotify through my phone.  I’ve tended to use the Samsung headphones which came with my phone and they’ve been fine – I’ve not had any massive issues with them but they’ve not been amazing either.  One of the main annoyances with my usual headphones is that the wires get tangled up in my scarf / handbag straps or whatever and they tend to fall out or need a bit of faffing with to get comfortable.

Jaybird X3 wireless headphones

The Jaybird X3 wireless headphones work via bluetooth so don’t need to be plugged into your device to work – you honestly wouldn’t believe how liberating this is until you try them for yourself.  The headphones are connected to each other rather then being two completely separate headphones which I must admit I prefer – apart from anything else I think it would be much easier to loose them if they were in two parts.  Being attached together also means that you can add a clip to your collar for extra security while you’re out and about.

Offering a full 8 hours of use between charges, the Jaybird X3 wireless headphones give you a full day of music or up to a full week of exercise!  The buds are charged with a USB adapter which I’ve tended to plug into my laptop at the end of the day and the Jaybird MySound app helps you to keep an eye on your battery charge levels.  They come with a really handy little pouch to store them in when they’re out of use.

Jaybird X3 wireless headphones and app

The Jaybird MySound app allows you to personalise your sound settings and store them on your earbuds so you can use them with any music device without having to faff about and set everything up again.  I must admit I’ve done very little to personalise my sound settings as I was more than happy with how they worked straight off.  (I’d rather the voice announcement that I’ve turned my buds on wasn’t quite so loud though!)  Another bonus of the Jaybird MySound app is that it allows you the option to find your buds with the help of your phone’s location settings.

I’m really quite funny about putting things in my ears . . . I can’t stand having people touch them and having my temperature taking by medical professionals takes some serious willpower on my part and as such I’d been a little worried about how the Jaybird X3 would feel in my ear.  Of course I’m used to using ear buds but the ‘fins’ (the additional piece which fits right into your ear for security) made me nervous – would it tickle, would it be uncomfortable or would it just not fit properly?  My concerns were unfounded and from the first time I used my earbuds I found I was able to put them in easily and they didn’t bother me at all.  Although I prefer the under-ear position, it is also possibly to wear them over-ear – either way the X3 are designed to stay securely in your ears while you are being active (or in my case whilst you’re dozing on the train to work).

Jaybird X3 ear buds - under ear position with ear fins

Jaybird X3 wireless heaphones

Featuring a Hydrophobic Nano coating to protect your earbuds against sweat damage or rain showers you know you can confidently use your Jaybird X3 wireless headphones during exercise or commuting or whatever else you happen to be doing!  They’re also much smaller and flatter than other buds I’ve tried making them more comfortable under hats or helmets. (Though with the super effective noise cancelling effect I’m not sure I’d want to be wearing them under a helmet myself!)

All in I’m absolutely thrilled with my Jaybird X3 wireless headphones and have recommended them to anyone who will listen!

*I was sent my Jaybird X3 wireless headphones free of charge for the purposes of review however all thoughts and opinions remain my own*

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