Me & Mine – November 2017

I can’t tell you how last minute this month’s photo is . . . that fact that there is only one photo proves the point!  We basically piled on the stairs right before bedtime to take a cheeky selfie.

It’s so hard to find time to take photos at this time of year, at least time during daylight!  It’s dark by the time Dave gets home from work, in fact it’s not far off getting dark by the time we’re home from school.  And then during the week we have activities on almost every night, swimming three nights a week, dance lessons, Beavers, Cubs . . . it’s never ending.

Me & Mine November 2017

Dave is loving

* Eating pizza in Venice
* Devouring a Yorkshire Pudding wrap
* A double night out on the lash
* Paddling in St Mark’s Square

Colette is loving

*  Blanket scarves
* A beautiful new green leather bag from Venice
* Seeing both my girls standing up in Celebration Assembly on the same day
* Time with friends
* Venice

Ben is loving

* Going for his first proper curry
* Being reader of the week
* Making people laugh

Chloe is loving

* Sweet Dream – Beyonce
* Her beautiful new red coat
* Being picked to be a narrator in the school Nativity
* Getting a special mention in Celebration Assembly
* Going out for her first curry

Amy is loving
* Her first proper curry
* Her first special mention in Celebration Assembly
* Her first proper birthday party
* A naan as big as her
* A two week birthday celebration

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7 thoughts on “Me & Mine – November 2017

  1. Oh you can’t beat a good family selfie hunny, especially a fun black and white one. We were last minute this month too. Quick everyone it stopped raining get in the back yard hahaha we were being blasted by the wind for a quick snap. lol I think my kids think I am nuts. Your Venice trip sounds and looked amazing so jealous it rained the entire time I took my mom there it was flooding and we were soaked but it’s a magical place no matter what. Happy Holidays #meandmineproject

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