JOOSED! Junior by Bensons – Review

There’s no denying that pre-packed bottles of juice are handy when you have kids however they’re also expensive and often not very healthy.

British made, JOOSED! Junior is made from real life apples, has no added sugar and counts as 1 of your 5 a day which gets it off to a great start in my book!  Dave is particularly conscious of trying to avoid aspartame in our children’s drinks (this artificial sweetener can be found in many ‘no added sugar’ squash drinks) so he was particularly pleased to read the ingredients list – no added sugars or sweeteners at all, just naturally occurring fruit sugars.

JOOSED! Junior flavours

Available in three appealing flavours – Orange & Apple, Blackcurrant & Apple or straight up Apple . . . these guys like their apples and in fact production of these tasty children’s drinks supports our British orchards!

Ben, Chloe and Amy were keen to get their hands on their new JOOSED! Juniors drinks.  The sports capped bottles are handy in my bag or in their lunch boxes – as a matter of fact JOOSED! Junior is “Schools Compliant” – which means it meets standards from drinks in school in England, Scotland and Wales.

It’s worth noting that due to the natural ingredients contained in a bottle of JOOSED! Junior, it’s not unusual to see a little sediment in the bottom of the bottle – it quickly disappears with a little shake!  (My three are really fussy about drinks with “bits in” so I made sure I did this sneakily before handing their drinks over!)

Ben and Finley enjoyed their JOOSED! Junior drinks on our recent trip out to Gulliver’s World – they quickly drank every last drop, I didn’t even get a taste myself!

Boys toast with Joosed

Boy with Joosed!


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