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Quite a while ago now the really very lovely people at Konfidence sent me some fabulous bits of kit to help me get my girls swimming.  I explained that our local pool is so ridiculously cold that Ben used to go blue and visibly shiver during his swimming lessons, it would take me ages to get him warm again afterwards and other Mums used to comment on how they’d never seen anyone look so cold!  Of course this had put me off taking Chloe, and subsequently Amy.  Chloe, however, is now really keen to learn to swim just like her big brother and keeps asking us to take her, I had explained we couldn’t go while Amy was so tiny as it would be far too cold for her and we left it at that.
This is where Konfidence jumped in to save the day sending me a Babywarma and a Warma Wetsuit . . . unfortunately my own lack of appropriate swimwear was an entirely different kettle of fish when I realised that I had either an enormous maternity tankini or my pre-Ben swimming costume . . . which didn’t come even close to fitting!!  Which means that we’ve still not actually made it to the local swimming pool.  Shameful.
Last week weather was absolutely beautiful and I took the chance to try out Amy’s Babywarma while she had her very first dip in the paddling pool.  Now she’s always loved a bath but I really couldn’t have predicted how much she would love the paddling pool – I think it was actually the best day of her life so far!
Konfidence Babywarma
She had an absolute whale of a time and I was confident that she was warm enough, that she wasn’t slippy and that she was protected from the sun! Win, win, win.What we love about it
* The neoprene keeps baby warmer in the pool for much longer than normal
* It’s 100% UV protective (though obviously you need to keep the exposed limbs nicely covered in suncream)
* The neoprene is much easier to hold onto than slippy bare skin
* The suit lies completely flat which makes it SO easy to get on and off
* The velcro means it’s really adjustable so you get a great fit and plenty of growing room
* There’s a flap at the bottom which means you can change a nappy without taking the whole suit off.
* It’s not PINK!The Konfidence Babywarma is just genius – they’ve literally thought of everything and I can’t recommend it highly enough!Konfidence Warma Wetsuit

Chloe has yet to wear her Konfidence Warma Wetsuit to the swimming pool but she has tried it on for me and can’t wait to wear it.

What we love about it: 

* Much like Amy’s Babywarma the neoprene suit is designed to keep your little one warm in and out of the water

* Although she looks like a little wrestler the style of the suit gives extra warmth around the tops of the legs but leaves the arms free for swimming

* Like the Babywarma the Warma Wetsuit the velcro shoulder straps allow the sizing to be adjusted leading to a snug but comfortable fit.

* All the seams and edges have been made in such a way as to avoid irritation on (especially important when you consider these items are going to be worn wet, damp and dry)

* 100% UV protection is really reassuring

* It’s not pink!!

I really wish I’d come across Konfidence when Ben first started his swimming lessons two years ago, I think he’d have been much more comfortable!  Chloe will be starting her lessons in the Autumn and I can guarantee she will be wearing her Warma Wetsuit to keep her much warmer during her sessions!

Update (25.08.14) . . . 
Chloe wore her Warma Wetsuit for a day at the seaside last week and we loved it!  It kept her warm, protected from the sun & comfortable (except when the boys poured sand down the inside!!)

*Disclaimer – We were provided the suits free of charge for the purposes of review however all thoughts and opinions are my own* 

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38 thoughts on “Konfidence swimwear – Review

  1. These are a brilliant idea. Bud doesn't tend to feel the cold – he was in the outdoor swimming pool at 9am on holiday in France, but I'm always wary of taking LM to our local pool as, like yours, it's so very cold!

  2. I always love reviews where you don't have any negatives because I know the product REALLY doesn't have any bad points! Both of these look fantastic! x

  3. Our local swimming pool is really cold as well, and I've been reluctant to go back with Baby London, but something like the Babywarma would be ideal to get us all back into the water and practicing some water confidence!

  4. These are such a fab idea. We used to think H hated swimming but he was just cold, these are such a good product

  5. I am a hue fan of Konfidence products, they really do the job they are supposed to. Max has a BabyWarma suit and we use it for swimming every week, and will use on the beach next week if our holiday weather is kind to us! #TriedTested

  6. oh that child I just delightful. Such a good idea. I always worry about babes getting cold after swimming. Maybe we should campaign for them to do adult sizes for when we're freezing getting the babies dressed 🙂

    1. She's a cutie isn't she!
      That's a genius idea Emma – either that or staff to dress them for us 😉 I might start going swimming with a dressing gown lol

  7. I've heard a lot about these Konfidence swimmers recently. Not sure I'm keen on the whole all-in-one look but I do appreciate they keep your little ones warm x

  8. i love the look of them we finally signed Finn up for swimming lessons and got a family pass for our local swimming hall and this konfidence babywarma looks like a great piece to keep babies warm!

  9. these look brilliant! and no gender specific colours in sight 😀 they look like they keep them warm and are comfy I think this would be a good investment! I recently saw a few things about Konfidence swimwear on this morning.

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