Looking back over the year . . .

What will I remember of 2012? One of the most stressful years of my life punctuated with aceness 🙂 Got married (FINALLY), gave up an permanent steady job (& the hideous commute & stress that went with it) – to stay at home with my babies & do a bit of supply. I have spent my days being continually amazed by my children and feeling very lucky to be surrounded by fantastic, supportive people who I love dearly.
Hopefully more of the same next year (tho perhaps with a little less stress?!?!)

So we reach the end of 2012 and at 3 years and 5 months what do I know about my boy?
* He can just about write his own name
* He can count up to 23 objects using 1-1 correspondence (tho not always completely reliably)
* Explain himself articulately
* Ask the most incredibly thoughtful questions about how and why things work
* Use the toilet!  (This was hard won)
* Learned to ride his bike (it took months for him to be able to push the pedals)
* Make us laugh

This made me ask “What are you good at Ben?” and he replied:
* Being kind to other people
* Giving hugs when people are sad
* Sharing my toys when people have nothing to play with
* Writing my name

And Chloe at 17 months old what can she do?
* Walk (nailed that at about 14 months)
* Run
* Play nicely with her brother (sometimes)
* Understand and follow instructions (Put that in the bin, give Ben a love)
* Nod and shake her head
* Say “baby”, “all gone”, “Mama”, say “Boom!” when she high fives
* Feed herself
* Recognise important people in her life


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