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I’ve seen loads of great reviews of miamoo products popping up on Tried & Tested but had yet to try them out for myself.  We were sent a bag of “travel goodies” which is basically an aeroplane friendly, trial size of each of the products in the range.

miamoo are determined to deliver products which work for the whole family to soothe, protect and heal dry and sensitive skin.  This appeals to me as both Ben and I have sensitive, eczema prone skin and Dave’s skin can also be very dry.

(I should point out that I’ve not fallen out with capitalisation but that the lower case is part of miamoo branding)

fresh locks shampoo 
On the website this product is described as a “soothing shampoo for bouncy locks” – and it is that alright! The first time Dave poured some into his hand I was immediately struck by the gorgeous lavendar fragrance. Lush.  The shampoo spread and lathered easily before rinsing without a problem. Amy’s hair was left super clean and fluffy.  We tried it out on Chloe too with no complaints.  I’m starting to discover that as her hair gets longer certain shampoos don’t really agree with it and can make it lank or knotty but no such problems with fresh locks!  I’m tempted to try it on my own hair just because I love the scent so much!   I’ve even used it to clean my make up brushes.

Clean, fluffy hair!

splashy wash
Ben and Chloe really put the splashy wash to the test this weekend with filthy hands and food covered faces.  It made short work of the dirt with no fuss from them – and from the look of the photographs even appears to have turned Chloe into an angel . . .
We haven’t really used a body wash with them as such, tending to just let the warm water do its work (as this means minimal irritation to sensitive skin) however I could definitely be tempted to invest in this for their especially grubby days.


spritz and wipe 
This is a “refreshing citrus spritz” – which I have to say might have made it into my own handbag rather than my changing bag! Great for a quick spritz on the hands and I’m looking forward to having it ready for perking up my face on a hot day (assuming we ever get any!)
huggy lotion 
I was really surprised that this wasn’t more fragrant – I think having used the fresh locks shampoo I expected everything to have more of a scent (which of course would be unusual for products designed for sensitive skins)  I tried out the huggy lotion on my own sensitive hands first and I’m pleased to report that they were perfectly happy with it – they can often react badly to new creams resulting in an eczema flare up.
cheeky cream 
I don’t use a barrier cream on a daily basis however I used this on Amy’s bum at the first signs of a bit of redness and it looked much better the next morning.  I found it didn’t spread as easily as some other products I’ve used, it seemed to slide across the skin.  Amy is currently suffering a really nasty bout of nappy rash (I’m talking blisters and bleeding) and although the cheeky cream has helped a bit I’ve had to bring in the big guns on this one.  I think cheeky cream is a great day to day bum cream but for Amy it’s not powerful enough for a really sore bum.  I actually think it might be quite good on my hands to protect them from over washing.
baba oil

Ok so the obvious use for the baba oil is a lovely bit of baby massage … this isn’t something I’ve ever really got into doing with any of my children, I went to classes with Ben but we never really tried it out at home.  Selfishly the first thing I did to try out the oil was slap it on my nails!  I’ve got dreadful “Mum hands” at the moment – lots of hand washing and no time to take care of them means my cuticles are looking pretty grim.  The baba oil rubbed in nicely and made in instant difference to how my cuticles looked. Winner there.  (Be aware that the pump squirts a bit more exuberantly than you might expect and I over shot the mark – easier to squirt it into your hand and then apply from there!)

So safe to say that miamoo lived up to their reputation.  My favourite product is definitely the fresh locks shampoo and I’m certainly going to be buying more when our little bottle runs out.

If you’d like to try miamoo for yourself then head over to the website and enter the code Blog13 at checkout to receive a 10% discount (applicable to full price products only).

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  1. If you didn't actually write anything and just did posts with photos of your kids I would still come and read and comment 🙂 Amy's hair!!! x

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