Nixplay Seed Smart Photo Frame – Review

Every now and again you come across a product and think, “I know someone that would be perfect for” – as soon as I read about the Nixplay Seed Smart Photo Frame, I knew it would be right up my Mother in Law’s street. Every spare inch of space in her home is covered with photos of the people who are special to her – I once counted ten photos of Ben in her living room alone.

It can often be hard to pick and choose which photos to display, not wanting to take down old favourites whilst still feeling the need to keep things up to date. This is where the Nixplay Seed Smart Photo Frame comes in – you don’t have to choose – it also negates the chore of choosing, printing and framing images.

The Nixplay Smart Photo Frame is a step up from your average digital photo frame – this WiFi Cloud Frame features a 10 inch widescreen and allows you to share photos instantly from your smartphone, no faffing about with USBs or memory cards here!

Nixplay Smart Photo Frame in living room

My favourite thing about the Nixplay frame though, and what I know my Mother in Law will love, is that your family and friends can send photos directly to your frame – so her Nixplay frame will feature all of her grandchildren, not just ours! This can be done through the Nixplay Mobile app; everyone who wants to send pictures to the frame needs to download the Nixplay app and set up an account with Nixplay, they can then send pictures to the frame owners account. The frame owner can then choose which pictures to show on the frame. Or, they can choose to allow any pictures sent to them by certain people to automatically show up on the frame as a surprise! In this way we can all update the frame whenever we take a picture we think she will like and it keeps the frame fresh with new pictures.

Use the Nixplay app to send photos to straight from your smartphone

The Nixplay Seed frame is super easy to set up, it took Dave a matter of moments to get it plugged in and showing a selection of images.

The 10 inch widescreen display offers up clear, vivid images (though of course can only be as good as the quality of image you put in there so do choose carefully!). It’s worth pointing out that landscape images are preferable as they fill the frame rather than portrait images which will leave you with black space around your picture.

Nixplay Cloud frame must remain plugged in to work but features a motion sensor for power saving
Nixplay smart frame displays photos from your phone

The frame features a motion sensor which means it remains in standby until you enter the room when it automatically turns on – hurrah for power saving! One small niggle we’ve noticed thought is that the frame has to remain plugged in to work, I had thought there might be a rechargeable battery to allow for flexibility of positioning it in your home. Aside from making sure your frame is near a plug socket, it can be a little tricky to hide the cable! (That cable does bend to provide a stand for the frame though – we didn’t realise this at first!)

So now that the Nixplay Seed Frame is all set up and ready to go, we will be giving it to Dave’s Mum, who I know is going to love it.


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