Back to school, back to normal

It feels customary now to come home from the first school run of the new academic year and write about our summer and the start of a new school year. I guess it clears my head out a bit ready to start a fresh.

Today, after seven and a half weeks, my little gang are back at school. Their safety, questions and snack requirements are someone else’s problem for approximately 6.5 hours and I am so relieved.

Back to school - September 2019

We had the best summer kicking off with a family holiday in Portugal, Y Not Festival, so many days out, camping trips, an adventure to London to the Warner Bother’s Studios, Ben’s first sportive and Fun Week Italia . . . but we are all ready for some routine and a break from each other’s company.

WGOAA at Y Not Festival 2019
Chester Races family day
Ride Yorkshire Sportive 2019
Camping at Crowden
WGOAA on Amalfi Coast

I’m looking forward to sitting in silence and not being touched or nagged for drinks / snacks (I’m looking at you Bo!), while I crack on with catching up with my work and getting the house straight (so much washing!). Much as Ben would tell you he doesn’t want to go back to school and doesn’t feel ready to be in Year Six (me neither kid, me neither), they are all looking forward to seeing their friends and having some time away from each other!

Dropping them off for their first day back this morning was probably the least emotional I’ve ever been – last year was hard as it was Amy’s first day in Reception and Chloe’s first day in the Juniors. This year they’re all settled into what they’re doing and really it’s just a case of “back to normal” – there’s no changes in childcare or my working routines, Ben even has the same teachers as last year. (I won’t deny having all the feels about Ben being in Year 6 now but that’s another post entirely.)

I don’t think I’ll ever take the first school run of the year for granted though, it’s something I never thought I’d be able to do – I always assumed I’d just teach full time for the rest of my working life, missing school runs, assemblies and events as standard. I’ll be forever grateful for my flexible working and the fact it allows me to really take part in their school lives.

So that’s it, Summer 2019 is done and we’re all back to school, back to work and back to real life.


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