Roller Skates for Kids

I flipping loved roller skating as a kid – I had a pair of those Fisher Price adjustable roller skates that you fastened on over your shoes.  What I really wanted was a pair of proper roller boots like my friend, but they were expensive and I remember Mum saying there was no point buying something like that when we’d quickly grow out of them.

vintage Fisher Price adjustable roller skates

Fast forward 30 or so years and my best friend is a keen skater and regularly plays for the Leeds Roller Derby A Team.  We took Ben and Chloe to a local roller skating venue a few years ago and whilst they loved it – it was flipping hard work!  I hadn’t been on roller skates myself in more years than I care to count and of course Ben and Chlo had never skated before.  Kirst and I basically spent the whole time bent double trying to keep the kids upright, whilst panicking that none of us were really wearing adequate protective gear.  We vowed we would take the kids skating again when they were bigger but make sure we had helmets and padding for everyone!

Leeds Roller Derby girls on track

Years have since passed and we’ve never got round to it.  The weekends are busy and other adventures have happened.  But I have it on good authority that Father Christmas is considering bringing the girls roller skates this year as well as all the appropriate protective gear!  Obviously things have moved on since the days of the Fisher Price adjustable skates and you can now buy fully adjustable quad skates which give all the ankle support, structure and security of a roller boot but with the convenience of being able to adjust the skates as your child grows.

I’ve already forewarned Aunty Custard that I’m going to be expecting her to teach the girls to skate properly!  (They’re both pretty good on ice skates thanks to our annual skating trip with the Butlers but I’m not sure how will that will translate to four wheels!)  Fingers crossed that good quality, supportive skates and some expert tuition will keep the girls on their feet (or wheels!) and they might discover a new passion in the process!

*We have been gifted some items from in exchange for writing this post*

Fisher Price Skates photo used with permission from TopSecretShoppe on Etsy
Roller derby photo credit: Kodak Kojak


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