Scotty’s Little Soliders – A guest post

Today I’m hosting a guest post from Nikki Scott whose husband Lee was killed in Afghanistan in 2009.  Nikki founded the children’s charity Scotty’s Little Soldiers to support the children of those who have lost their lives whilst serving in the British Military. 

Nikki & Lee 
Little Soldiers
I don’t think I’d
ever experienced true pain until the day I was told my husband,
Corporal Lee Scott, had been killed in action. An IED had hit his
vehicle in Helmand Province. He’d only been one month into his
It was at that moment;
my whole world came crashing down. Nothing was ever going to be the
same. How was I ever going to tell my two kids? How do you even begin
to tell a 5 year old and 7 month old that Daddy was gone and he
wasn’t coming back? My whole world had been torn into millions of
pieces and I couldn’t even consider how my life would return to
Despite the
horrendously painful months that followed, I knew for the sake of my
two children, Kai and Brooke, I couldn’t stay in that state of
grief forever. I had to channel it into something positive, I just
didn’t know what or how.
Then some 9 months
later, on a family holiday, I saw Kai smile for the first time since
his Dad’s death. It was amazing. I realised that there must be so
many more children who had also lost a parent in the British Forces
that also needed the chance to laugh and be happy again. So Scotty’s
Little Soldiers was born. I wanted to focus on helping children to
realise that it is OK to have fun and smile again, even after losing
a loved one.
Nikki and her two children, Brooke & Kai
charity now supports 195 children of the fallen. Scotty’s sends
children letters, cards, birthday resents, Christmas gifts, vouchers
and helps towards holiday breaks, clubs and activities.
We have 4 holiday
lodges where families can take a well-deserved break away from the
pain that accompanies the loss of a loved one, with everything
provided. Scotty’s also offers emotional support in conjunction
with child bereavement charity Winston’s Wish to provide a vital
resource for grieving children.
Not wanting to stop
there, we also focus on the personal development of Scotty’s kids –
helping with things like swimming or driving lessons and we even
offer the opportunity to apply for a Further Education grant.
Since its beginnings,
it’s fair to say that Scotty’s has gone from strength to
strength. In 2012 I won a Millie award for the charity and just last
year I was a finalist at the Pride of Britain awards. We have our own
clothing line in Tesco and this year we will be opening our fifth
holiday lodge.
However, none of this
would have been possible without the help of Scotty’s loyal
supporters who have been there throughout. Without them, Scotty’s
couldn’t have achieved all that it has and for that, I will be
forever grateful.

Scotty’s Little Soldiers invites everyone who is passionate about
their cause and wants to support their work to get in touch via their
website at, find them on Facebook or by calling them on
01553 763 000.

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