Siblings – December 2015

I know I say this every. single. month – but seriously, how is it the middle of the month?  I was just getting ready to shut down my laptop for the night when I realised that it’s time for our monthly siblings update.  

This post marks the end of a whole year of Sibling photos for me – It seems crazy to think that I wrote my first siblings post back in Januray (Go me for keeping going every month!) and I wrote about how hard it was to get all three of them together for a photo.  I shared one of my favourite photos of the three of them together, with Ben and Chloe helping Amy to walk.  It’s a completely imperfect photo with so many things I could criticise but it captures a moment and I do love it. 

It is Amy who has changed the most this year, she’s now a walking, talking toddler.  A proper little girl in her own right.  One who utterly adores her older siblings and thankfully this feeling is reciprocated.  I remember being pregnant with Bo and wondering how Ben and Chloe would cope with an extra child, how it would affect their relationship but of course now we can barely remember a time without her cheeky little face in our lives.  I’m so glad I started to document their relationship with this monthly series of images.

Looking back through my month of photos I was struck by how few photos I have of the children together, and in fact how few photos I’ve taken at all.  I hold the miserable weather and general lack of light fully responsible for this.  We’ve spent much more time indoors than I would like and as such have just taken less photos.  However, here are this month’s siblings photos – with a decidedly festive theme!

I can’t wait to see what the coming year holds for our little threesome and will be back to continue with our Siblings series in the new year!  For now I wanted to leave you with a year of Sibling photos:

dear beautiful



  1. December 15, 2015 / 8:09 am

    I've loved seeing your photos over the last year. It's so sweet to see how they grow and change. They're always so sweet in how they are together. There's always something so familiar and warm about your photos, they just make me feel that 'family' feeling. Gorgeous as always #siblings

    • December 15, 2015 / 1:57 pm

      Thank you so much for your lovely comment, I may have shed a tear reading that! x

  2. December 15, 2015 / 9:31 am

    That first photo is a gorgeous moment captured. Amy looks so grown up now compared to then. Loving the festive, happy shots x

    • December 15, 2015 / 2:01 pm

      The change from 1yr old to 2yr old is huge isn't it.

  3. December 15, 2015 / 10:56 am

    These are lovely, and what a change from January to now! I love being able to look back on the year and think how much growing and changing has gone on. It's crazy! #siblings

  4. December 15, 2015 / 1:09 pm

    Such a gorgeous collection of photos of your threesome, and well done for sticking with us for a year. It's funny, I often think that the changes in little children are more noticeable when there are other people to compare them to, and as you say, you can really see so much change in your littlest over the 12 photos but also their relationship; she looks very much the baby in the first one, but they are more equal as the year goes on. Lovely! x

    • December 15, 2015 / 2:02 pm

      Thank you Lucy, I'm so glad I started to join in and really pleased with myself for keeping it up!
      You're right, she has changed so much over the course of the year and is now much more a part of their little team!

  5. December 15, 2015 / 4:30 pm

    Ahhh so precious! I cant wait to be able to look back over our first year of photos. That first one is just absolutely precious, what a lovely moment to capture #Siblings

    • December 15, 2015 / 8:20 pm

      And what a crazy year you have ahead as well! x

  6. December 15, 2015 / 4:35 pm

    Gorgeous photos of your three 🙂 I love Amy's face in the Father Christmas shot! xx

  7. Katy F
    December 15, 2015 / 9:16 pm

    It is so lovely to be able to look back over the whole year isn't it? Lovely photos xx #Siblings

  8. December 15, 2015 / 10:10 pm

    I'm excited for next year so I can look back on the year – Some beautiful photos there, look how much they have grown!

  9. December 18, 2015 / 9:16 pm

    I truly love looking back over the year at the photos and seeing how much they have truly grown and changed. YOur little ones are adorable. Got mommy's smile and happiness too. I love it. #siblings

  10. December 19, 2015 / 10:06 pm

    I feel like we're almost exactly a year behind, with my pictures of my big girls helping their baby brother to walk – it's amazing how much difference a year makes! These are such lovely pictures of your three, filled to the brim with happiness!

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