Siblings – January 2019

I almost forgot to do the first Siblings post of the year!  I just hadn’t clocked the date, despite having had the photos ready for a couple of weeks . . . I took them up in Heaton Park on New Year’s Eve – how’s the for organisation!

These three are much happier with each other now they are back at school after Christmas – the bickering has died down and a general level of acceptance appears to have resumed.  Ben and Chloe are much happier in each other’s company than they’ve been for quite a while, I’ve caught them snuggled up watching TV together fairly regularly or disappearing off to play little games together – of course this now means that Amy is feeling a little left out and making her feelings known; “You never play with me. . . ” might have been uttered which I think we all know is utterly ridiculous.  I guess this is the joy of three, someone will always feel left out even when they aren’t!


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