Six Weeks of Summer – Week 2

Last year we vlogged our summer holidays using the hashtag #sevenweeksofsummer and wrote a weekly round up of our adventures – we loved doing it so much that we thought we should do exactly the same thing this summer.  This year we have the rather more normal six week break from school – and, because I work from home that means I can fit my work in around lots of adventures and quality time with the kids.  This year we have so much planned – much of which Dave is off for too!

For ease, I will run our #sixweeksofsummer vlogs from Sunday to Saturday and then upload them on a Sunday evening.  You can subscribe to our channel here to make sure you don’t miss anything!

So, this is how the second week of our summer holidays looked:


We celebrated Ben’s 8th birthday – it was a bit of a funny day really as it was our last day camping in Bala so we sang happy birthday to him with a single candle in a cupcake over breakfast but saved his cards and presents till we got home.  I felt a bit guilty really that it wasn’t a particularly special day in itself but he’d had a great weekend and of course our Alton Towers weekend had been in place of a birthday party.

Happy Birthday Ben


We spent the day at home washing and sorting after our camping trip and then repacking for our trip down to Dover.  We had planned to get set off fairly early doors but after Chloe’s trip to A&E the previous week we had an appointment booked in at Fracture Clinic for 2pm.  Of course as these things do it over ran considerably – apparently they were waiting for her paperwork.  The Consultant manipulated her leg to check her range of movement and told me she needed to keep her brace on for another week or so but not to bother coming back if she seemed fine.  Becuase obviously I’m a medical professional and would know if her ligaments have healed properly!?

Once we were done at the hospital, Dave picked Chloe and I up and we set off on our lenghty drive to Dover.  The trip was fairly painless if I’m honest, Google Maps saw us right and we avoided any traffic making a stop for tea and another failed stop for a Costa (it was closed).  We got down to Dover for about 9.30pm and the kids were so excited when they realised we’d gone to visit my Aunty M!  By the time we’d unpacked the car and they’d all had a bedtime story I think it was gone half 10 before we got them all into bed!

Bedtime story with Aunty M


In an effort to make the most of the only real sunshine forecast for the week we packed a picnic and took a drive to Botany Bay in Margate.  Not being able to run and paddle freely was a really bind for Chloe but we did the best we could to let her enjoy her day on the beach whilst still being really conscious of looking after her bad leg!  We spent about five hours sat on the sand, playing catch and paddling in the sea (which was surprisingly warm).

Botany Bay, Margate


Knowing we only had a limited amount of time before the heavens opened, we set off to Betteshanger Park early doors and hired a couple of bikes with tag-alongs for the girls and spent a lovely hour cycling around the track.  Being able to let Ben cycle so freely in such a safe enviornment was fantastic and I’d love to find somewhere like this near home!

Betteshanger Cycle Park

As predicted, the downpour came after lunch so whilst I got a bit of work done, Uncle Mike taught Ben how to play Scrabble (and with some help from his Daddy he won!)  Aunty M took Chloe for a swim as we knew she would be disappointed not to be able to take part in the trampoline coaching session that evening.

Learning to play scrabble

Getting Ben, Chloe and Amy on a trampoline with Uncle Mike is something I’ve wanted to do for years.  I always loved being able to go to his coaching sessions when we visited as children and I just knew that my three would get as much out of it as I used to.  Ben got stuck straight in there and loved being taught how to do trampoline properly.  Amy was much more cautious and didn’t want to go on Uncle Mike’s trampoline as she thought he was going to make her do complex somersaults!  As you’ll see from the video, that wasn’t the case at all and when we finally got her onto the trampoline she absolutely loved it!

Trampolining with Mike Phillipson


We spent the morning digging up potatoes, picking tomatoes and harvesting beans and cooking apples to bring home with us.  (Uncle Mike is basically now a real life Mr McGregor!)

Digging up potatoes

The drive home was long.  Really long.  I don’t think we’d timed it well and basically hit all the tea time traffic around some of the big Norther cities.  In an attempt to avoid all the traffic Google Maps routed us off the M6 and back up the A1 which meant we had far less options for services and ended up stopping for tea at Pizza Hut just of the M62 at Leeds.

The long drive home to Manchester


After so much travelling and with another camping weekend ahead of us we spent Friday getting jobs done – more unpacking, more washing, more sorting.  I also took the girls to the hairdresser for their first full cut & blow which they thought was super exciting!

Amy's first salon hair wash

Freshly cut fringes


After packing up the car for what felt like the billionth time we set off to The Peak District on Saturday afternoon for another weekend of camping – this time with Millets.  Of course this is something which I will write about separately but needless to say the kids were really excited to be camping again whilst Dave & I were keen to try out our new tent extension!

Bowfell tent with extension

So that’s it – the second week of our summer holidays.  After a fairly busy first fortnight, we were looking forward to a few nights at home!


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