Six Weeks of Summer – Week 3

Last year we vlogged our summer holidays using the hashtag #sevenweeksofsummer and wrote a weekly round up of our adventures – we loved doing it so much that we thought we should do exactly the same thing this summer.  This year we have the rather more normal six week break from school – and, because I work from home that means I can fit my work in around lots of adventures and quality time with the kids.  This year we have so much planned – much of which Dave is off for too!

For ease, I will run our #sixweeksofsummer vlogs from Sunday to Saturday and then upload them on a Sunday evening.  You can subscribe to our channel here to make sure you don’t miss anything!

So, this is how the third week of our summer holidays looked:

Sunday & Monday

Our weekend was spent camping with Millets – which I will of course write about in a separate post.  Needless to say we had a lot of fun – making the most of being outdoors and the lack of WiFi!  We got home mid afternoon on Monday and launched an attack on the laundry!


Nana & Dennis came to visit for some lunch and a bit of a catch up but otherwise this was another lazy day at home – one where I totally failed to get my camera out!


The Butlers came to play – we decided that as the weather wasn’t all that great, we’d spend the day at our house letting the kids play and giving me and Mich the chance to have a proper catch up.  As is always the case, the kids played really well together.


Athough Amy was desperate to go to the park, it didn’t seem fair on Chloe when I couldn’t let her run or climb with her leg injury.  Instead, we went to the cinema to watch A Dog’s Purpose – which made me sob!  I was impressed with how much all three kids understood from the film.  The afternoon was a relaxed one at home, Amy had a sleep while I got some work done and packed for my weekend away.


Each year on my Grandma’s birthday; me, mum, Nic and Aunty M spend the day together.  This year, Mum and Nic planned a bit of a surprise.  After an extremely early start to the morning, we were whisked off to the airport to catch a flight to Dublin!  Mum and Nic managed to keep the destination a surprise right up until we were in the queue to board.

We spent the day shopping and taking an open top bus tour of the city before going out for dinner.

Sisters on an open top bus in Dublin


Nic and I decided to go to the zoo – I was more excited about seeing hippos than is normal for a 37yr old woman but they’re my favourite and the zoos closest to us either don’t have hippos at all or just have pygmy ones.  We whizzed around Dublin Zoo before making our way back into town for a bit more shopping and our flight home.  It was a super busy couple of days and we walked about 34k steps.

So that’s it – the third week of our summer holidays – considerably more relaxed (and lacking in photos and video footage) than the first two weeks but we’re gearing up for more adventures this coming week!


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