Spirograph Optical 3D Studio Set – Giveaway

Hands up who remembers Spirograph?  We never had one at home but I do remember playing with it at friends’ houses or wet playtimes at school!  

The iconic Spirograph is back and has been brought right up to date for the next generation of budding artists!  The latest version of Spirograph not only allows for children to draw exciting geometric designs in bright colours but also includes 3D technology allowing children to watch their drawings jump out from the page!

I’m able to offer five winners the chance to win a Spirograph Optical 3D Studio Set worth Β£24.99 – with a bit of luck they should even be with you in time for Christmas!

Each set includes:
12 Drawing Wheels and 4 Templates.
3D Effect Dual Colour Pen, 2 Florescent Markers, 3 Colour Pens and a Rainbow Pencil..
Optical 3D Glasses – includes 3 LR44 Batteries
Spirograph Design Book.
10 Drawing Papers and 1 Spirograph Sticker.
Sealable Storage Bag.

As always just complete as many of the Rafflecopter options as you’d like – make sure you complete them accurately so as to avoid disqualification! 

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