Sprucing up my dining table with Habitat

Since becoming parents, our social lives have changed considerably.  In years gone by entire weekends would disappear in a fog of nightclubs, UV paint and very loud music.  In later years the clubbing gave way to gigs – live music was a big part of our social lives.  But then came the babies.  Babies which require baby sitters, which require planning for and which drain funds considerably!  Nights out went from a few times a month to a few times a year.

Of course this doesn’t mean we no longer have a social life, we just have to do things differently now.  We see our friends during the day, with the kids.  We have people round to eat.

Since my Dad extended our kitchen a few years ago, the open play layout he created means that it’s perfectly feasible to be in the kitchen but still be part of what’s going on in the living room (though this is mainly Dave’s role in our house, I just tend to be in charge of setting the table and helping to serve!)

I must admit that, at present, our dining room is probably one of my least favourite rooms in the house. It was one of the first rooms we decorated when we bought our property some eight years ago.  It is in desperate need of replastering so we used a textured wallpaper to try and mask the uneven plastering, knowing that next time we decorated the room it would really need to be skimmed.  Since then we’ve had some issues with damp on the front wall which has caused some plaster to come off and there’s a big section of wallpaper missing.  Essentially we need to strip the room completely, treat the damp problem and replaster but this isn’t going to be happening any time soon.  In the meantime it does mean that our dining room just looks scruffy – the walls are grubby, some of the wallpaper is torn and it really doesn’t make for the most pleasant dining experience – especially when entertaining!

Aside from the desperate need to redecorate, I’ve also fallen completely out of love with our dining furniture (I’m not sure I ever “loved” it in the first place).  Whilst it serves a purpose, I’m really aware that the room just seems to be an expanse of IKEA “oak” and I’m keen to just brighten everything up!  In an ideal world I’d decorate the room and buy all new, probably white, furniture but for now it’s all in the accessories.

I was really excited to be able to order some lovely new bits and pieces from Habitat to give our dining room a bit of a spruce up for the New Year – nobody will be looking at my manky walls whilst my table looks so lovely!  We got a lovely white dinner service as part of our wedding gifts but four years down the line some of the pieces are chipped and the range discontinued so the first thing I did when I hit the Habitat website was look at something which would blend into our current dinnerware.  The York range was ideal and I promptly ordered two full sets as a great starting point to our next dinner party (and in the meantime they’re lovely for breakfast!) along with some new glasses.  I’d been considering a table cloth as an option for brightening the room for a while so invested in a white linen table runner.

Our dining table is the first “surface” you meet as you enter our house and subsequently can become a bit of a dumping ground – it really is just far too easy to put things down on the table as you walk in the door and then get distracted by other things meaning our dining room is often cluttered and definitely not the light airy space I would really like it to be . . .

Along with the white table runner, I also ordered a gorgeous vase to dress the table.  I filled it with with beautiful fake hydrangea and I love the effect.  The table looks brighter and I’m far less likely to put stuff down there now that it looks “dressed”.


*Habitat gifted me these items in order for me to write this post.  All thoughts and opinions remain my own. This post contains affiliate links.*

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