StarLily (My Magical Unicorn) – Review

This post features product gifted for review

Top of many little girls’ Christmas lists this festive season is the latest app-enabled toy from Fur Real Friends: StarLily, My Magical Unicorn.

And why not, who wouldn’t want to own their own unicorn?

StarLily (My Magical Unicorn)

At first I must admit to being more than a little put off by the price of this toy.  With an RRP of £129.99 this is not a stocking filler by any stretch and is by far the most expensive thing Chloe has owned.  More expensive in fact than her Hudl tablet which we bought her for her birthday.  With that in mind, StarLily had a lot to live up to.

Before I go any further I’d love for you to watch Chloe’s unboxing video.  This is the first video review we have done together, and in fact the first unboxing review we’ve ever done, so please bare with us!

As you can see from Chloe’s unboxing video, straight from the box StarLily is a pretty impressive toy.  Chloe’s reaction was priceless as she realised that this beautifully soft unicorn toy was all but alive!  She was so excited to feed StarLily a strawberry and see how she would react.

I was really impressed by the surprisingly “realistic” movements – which I realise is quite a ridiculous thing to say considering we’re talking about a unicorn . . . however the fact remains that StarLily is incredibly life like!

Feeding StarLily (My Magical Unicorn)

I wasn’t sure what to expect from the app – and if I’m honest now we’ve had a play with it, I’m still not entirely sure!  I think I expected it to be like a control pad for StarLily when in actual fact it’s a game she can interact with.  You have to stand StarLily to the right of your tablet and then ask the app to scan for her.  Once she’s connected she will move, communicate with you and her horn will flash when her magic is ready (this is then activated by touching her horn).  I left Ben and Chloe to play with the app independently and they were more than happy with it.  At first they just guessed what they needed to do by following the hand on the screen but there are more details instructions which Ben was able to read.

StarLily (My Magical Unicorn) - flashing horn

What we love about StarLily: 

* Both StarLily and the app are functional in their own right but obviously enhanced when used together

* StarLily makes for a great pet!  Chloe loves to stroke, feed and talk to her unicorn, taking care of her and treating her as though she is real

* She responds to voice and touch with over 100 sound and motion combinations which makes her feel very real

* Her fluttering wings and flashing horn look truly magical

* She’s so soft – far softer than any other “interactive” toy I’ve seen

* The app provides many games to enjoy and whilst they are a little saccharine for my taste I can see some education value

* StarLily’s app works on both apple and android devices

What we’re not so keen on: 

* Batteries are not included – I find this really frustrating with such expensive toys!

* She’s white! Ok, I know she has to be, unicorns are obviously white aren’t they? But still, white toys.

* There’s no getting away from it, at £129 she’s not cheap gift!

*We were sent StarLily free of charge for the purposes of review however all thoughts and opinions remain our own*



  1. December 10, 2015 / 12:04 am

    Aww I loved the video! My daughter, Maegan is 4 and Starlily is the only thing she has asked for, this Christmas! As amazing as Starlily looks, I just can't justify that cost (especially as Meg isn't an only child) but it absolutely breaks my heart that she won't be opening a Starlily this Christmas – I just wish it was a more reasonable price!

    Merry Christmas xx

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