Summer Bucket List 2016 – Final Check!

I can hardly believe that today is the last day of August and that it’s time to give our Summer Bucket List one last check over – it feels a little strange to be tying it up today when we’ve still got a couple more days of holidays to enjoy but tomorrow will be September so it will be time to make a start on the Autumn List!

We’ve had such a busy summer that it feels like it has flown by – though when I look back to our trip to Scarborough that does feel a really long time ago now!  Time is such a funny old thing.

3. Revist York Maze

Regular readers will know that York Maze holds a particularly special place in my heart as it’s where Dave and I got married in 2012.  Every time I walk through into the courtyard my heart skips a beat and I’m transported straight back!  This year we, as we had my Mum with us, we tried to have a family photo taken in the same places as one of our wedding pictures – it wasn’t a massive success as there’s only Dave and I looking at the camera but to be honest that’s probably not that different from the wedding!

Family Photo at York Maze

Success at York Maze

We struck really lucky with the weather and had a gorgeous day out in the sunshine (in fact I think both Dave and I slipped up with our own suncream and got a little burned).  It was really lovely to have Granny and Aunty Nic with us for the day too.  You can bet your bottom dollar that York Maze will be on our Bucket List next summer too!   (Catch some of the highlights of our day in our #SevenWeeksofSummer – Week 4 video)

4. That long promised trip to Whitby for Magpie fish and chips

Did it happen? Did it heck. Honestly. I think it’s now four years since I’ve been to Whitby and I swear Magpie fish and chips has been written on almost every seasonal bucket list I’ve done.  The closest we got was when we were in Scarborough but we didn’t have time to make the drive over.  It will happen eventually!!

6. A trip to South Lakes Wild Animal Park

I think I mentioned in a previous update that we’d had to cancel our plans for a trip to South Lakes Wild Animal Park due to the ark-worthy rainfall on the day we’d arranged to go.  We’re actually going a week on Sunday so I’m not sure if that counts as a tick off the list or not really?!

7. Chester Zoo

Aunty Nic and I planned our Chester Zoo trip ages ago but when the time came she was shattered from lots of work related travel and the kids had had a mad busy week so we decided that rather than spend a fortune on a trip to the zoo when we were all shattered we’d have a more relaxed (and considerably cheaper) trip to Temple Newsham.  In the end we didn’t even go into the farm, the kids were happy running around on the grass, blowing bubbles and playing in the park.  Chester Zoo will happen – just not this summer!

Boy blowing bubbles

8. Grandma Day

For those of you who don’t know, “Grandma Day” is celebrated on my Grandma’s birthday.  It started off the year after she had died when Nic and I planned a surprise trip to London for my Mum so that she could spend the day with her sister and wouldn’t be too sad.  It has since become something of a tradition and this year saw the 7th annual Grandma Day and a return to London.  Mum always says it would make Grandma smile and that she would love that we all spend the day together.  She might not be so impressed that we all use it as an excuse for a little shopping spree!  We had a really long day in London – leaving the house at about 7am and returning at about 10pm – having enjoyed a fairly epic afternoon tea and bought lots of treats between us!


9. Collect seashells

Despite several trips to the seaside we haven’t managed to tick this one off the list – we just haven’t really seen any seashells for some reason!

Splashing in the sea

14. Write a postcard

I don’t know why we haven’t done this one – we’ve been on so many trips where we could have bought a postcard – Scarborough, York, London, Leeds . . . it was just one of those things that kept slipping my mind and I would only remember when we got home again!  Definitely something to add to next year’s list!  Depsite my best intentions, the kids have done little or no writing all summer – it’s going to be a shock next week when they have to pick up their pencils again!

18. Just So Festival

Just So Festival was just over a week ago – we only went for one day but the kids are keen to go again next year and camp for the full experience.  You can watch our vlog of the day and I’ll have a full write up published later this week.

All in, it’s been a busy and fabulous summer with most of the list ticked off and goodness knows how much more beside.  I think we’ll all be glad to get back to school for a rest!

Summer Bucket List 2016

1. Alfresco dining – BBQs, picnics, you name it – I want to be eating outside in the sunshine please!

2. A trip or two to the seaside

3. Revisit York Maze

4. That long promised trip to Whitby for Magpie fish and chips

5. My second BML experience

6. A trip to South Lakes Wild Animal Park

7. Chester Zoo

8. Grandma Day

9. Collect seashells

10. Visit Alton Towers

11. Go paddling

12. Build a sandcastle

13. Have a water fight

14. Write a postcard

15. Go strawberry picking

16. Ride a donkey

17. Birthday celebrations for Ben and Chloe

18. Just So Festival



  1. September 4, 2016 / 5:34 pm

    I really want some fish and chips now that you have mentioned it! Have you tried the National Railway museum in York? Cracking day out.

    • Colette
      September 4, 2016 / 5:37 pm

      I’ve not been for years! I used to go with reasonable regularity with a special needs playscheme I worked on but haven’t taken my own children. That said, I think my parents have taken them once.

  2. September 4, 2016 / 6:37 pm

    You had a full summer with some great adventures! I think you do need to get those kids to Whitby though 😉 fish & chips are calling!

  3. September 4, 2016 / 8:13 pm

    Oh you did manage quite a lot! The weather doesn’t help at times, does it? I LOVE Grandma Day, what a beautiful thing to have. Kaz x

  4. September 4, 2016 / 10:25 pm

    Ooh I’ve never been to the York Maze but it sounds like something that I would love!! xxx

  5. September 4, 2016 / 11:05 pm

    Good have done almost all the things u wanted to do ..your list is almost done

  6. September 4, 2016 / 11:29 pm

    You did a lot of things from that list, must have been a busy but enjoyable summer!

  7. Kira
    September 5, 2016 / 9:48 pm

    Wow you’ve really done so well with your summer bucket list! Put’s mine to shame! That York Maze sounds so fun, I’ve never heard of it before, now I really want to go!

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