Super Soft Baby Clothes with Comfort Pure Ultra Concentrated

When your teeny, tiny newborn makes their long awaited entrance into the world, you do anything you can to keep them comfortable and happy don’t you?  From keeping their bedroom at the optimum temperature to making sure their clothes are super soft, everything you do for your baby comes from a place of intense love (and a need to keep them content so you can sleep!)

All three of my babies have been “bum patters” – a good firm, rhythmic patting on the bottom seemed to be really soothing and comforting for them and I always find myself doing it now when I’m holding anyone else’s baby! 

I first started to use Comfort Pure when I was pre-washing Ben’s first clothes – I loved that it was designed specifically to make sure that my baby’s clothes were super soft as well as being gentle on sensitive skin and having a low level of perfume – I wanted to smell my baby, not his clothes!

Seven years on and I still use Comfort Pure for all my laundry, only now we’ve started to use Comfort Pure Ultra Concentrated – it’s the same Comfort Pure that we know and love but now it takes up a lot less room in my cupboards and offers incredible softness from a tiny dose.  The first time I used it I couldn’t believe that such a small amount of fabric softener could get the job done but you really wouldn’t notice any difference!  Hurrah for less bulk in my cupboards and less packaging going to waste. 

Both Ben and I have sensitive skin so, having found a combination of laundry products that works for us, I’m not about to change it any time soon!  It seems crazy to me that my first born is going to be seven next month but his comfort is still of utmost importance to me – he might spend his time climbing trees, rolling about on the floor and wearing holes in his knees, but I want his clothes to be soft and comfortable while he’s doing it! 

What do you do to keep your babies comfortable?

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  1. June 21, 2016 / 1:28 pm

    Oh how squishy is baby Ben?! You cannot beat a ginger baby 🙂 x

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