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I seem to be going through a phase of discussing teeth with people.  I guess with having a 6 year old who is on constant wobbly tooth watch this is to be expected!  Ben has now lost four of his milk teeth and has reached the stage where his adult teeth have come through at the front and look far too big for his little face.  Just one more thing to make my baby boy look even more grown up. 

Of course as these adult teeth come in there is the risk of them being too big for his jaw, growing wonky or just generally not sitting comfortably in his mouth which could well lead to a need for orthodontic work.  

I never had any real dentistry work myself as a kid.  In fact I’ve never really had any work done at all.  I had my first filling whilst I was still under maternity exemption for Chloe – typically it wasn’t just your average filling but a full on root canal in one of my front top teeth.  Talk about a baptism of fire!  Anyway, thus far my teeth have caused minimal problems.  I don’t love them, there’s bits about them I would change if I could. I don’t like the position of my canines but I can live with them.  I think like most people I would benefit from a bit of a tooth whitening treatment but it’s not top of my priority list. 

Dave had braces in his teens, not fixed (train track) braces, just removable braces (the ones which look like a wire on a base plate).  He wore them for two or three years and initially the results were really pleasing however over time the teeth shifted back and whilst he says they’re still vastly improved they’re definitely not as straight as he would have hoped after the pain and effort he went through! 

Fingers crossed Ben, Chloe and Amy will continue to have minimal trouble with their teeth as they grow up – which reminds me, I must book a dentist appointment for them!! 


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  1. October 30, 2015 / 8:49 pm

    Can you believe that my son's wobbly tooth hasn't vome out yet?! I even gave him some toffee earlier and we all watched 😀

    • October 30, 2015 / 9:47 pm

      I'm amazed! Talking about hanging on for dear life!

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