DreamTown Rose Petal Cottage – Review

What child doesn’t love a den?  We’ve had an array of pop up tents over the last few years which often seem to end up with missing or damaged poles.  One of our best buys was actually a proper tent from Tesco that cost less than a tenner and was just perfect for the back garden but obviously no good in the house.

When I was sent a video clip of the new Rose Petal Cottage I knew instantly that it would be a big hit in our house.

How easy is it to set up Rose Petal Cottage?

We waited until the children were away so that Dave had the time and space to put the house together interrupted.  Having mislaid some instructions (it turned out they had slid under the shelves) it took him a little longer to put together than anticipated but it’s still not a massive job – I’ll hand over to Dave for more specific details:

The first thing you put together is the frame work that holds up the house.  The instructions were quite good.  Well laid out and easy to understand.  I made a few mistakes, as is my way, but luckily the plastic inserts that form the corners of the frame are push fittings meaning you can get them out again if you do mess up.  Very helpful.

After that you have to put the cloth outer skin onto the frame.  Unfortunately I had misplaced the instructions for this part.  I thought that you didn’t get any which annoyed me quite a bit.  Anyway I thought ‘How hard can it be?’ and set about fitting it.  The astute amongst you will be thinking famous last words!

I started to pull the skin over the frame as you would do with a tent.  This was quite awkward and meant I had to pull the skin more than I would have liked.  On the plus side it didn’t rip meaning it’s more sturdy than it looks.  After lots of huffing and puffing, and maybe a little swearing, I had the skin over the frame.  Success!

Until I looked at the picture on the box and saw that on the picture on the box you couldn’t see the frame anywhere on the inside of the house? Hmmm.  You can on mine.  Why was that?  And why was there a zip all round the inside of the skin around the door?  After unzipping this a bit I realise that there is actually an inner and outer skin.  As you would expect the outer skin goes on the outside of the frame and the inner skin is inside the frame.  Now I had to take the skin off the frame.  Which was just as hard as putting the flipping thing on!  Cue more swearing.

Unzip all the way round and refit the skin to the frame.  It was marginally easier this time round.  Probably because I had already done it once before!  Once you’ve fitted the frame you zip up the skin and it looks really good.  It takes a bit of fiddling to get the inner and outer skin to line up properly but it’s possible.

Then you’ve just got to put the skin on the door.  While I was doing this I found the instructions I had previously thought missing.  Arrgghh!!! More swearing.  Fitting the skin to the door is easy.  Then you just put the door onto the frame and you are done. 

It looks good, it’s sturdy and the girls like it lots.  If you are less of a berk than me then it’s probably really easy to put together.

DreamTown Rose Petal Cottage

All three children were really excited when they arrived home and find their very own Rose Petal Cottage playhouse set up in the playroom!  Amy calls it her “fairy house” and it is often the first thing she mentions in the morning – “I play in my fairy house?”

Dream Town Rose Petal Cottage
Rose Petal Cottage kitchen
Toddler playhouse
dream town rose petal cottage plahouse

What we love about the Rose Petal Cottage playhouse

* It’s spacious enough for all three children to get inside and play

* It’s sturdy and won’t fall over

* The opening doors and window and to the “real feel” – Chloe loves to open the door and welcome me to her home

* The larger opening side makes it easy to see what’s going on inside and move things around.

* The level of detail inside and out, from the shelves on the interior walls to the doormat and the mirror

* 3D features such as the cooker which is included make the cottage feel all the more realistic

* Additional 3D features such as a washing machine or sink can be purchased as well

* It’s wipe clean

* The frame work is all hidden away from inquisitive fingers

* The opportunities for imaginative play are endless

What we’re not so keen on

* It’s big – you need to make sure you have plenty of room

* This isn’t something you pop up to play with for an afternoon and then take down again – it’s too much of a faff and needs to be more of a semi permanent fixture

* It’s pretty pink and sugary looking!

The Rose Petal Cottage retails at around £100 but is currently on offer on Amazon for £34.95 along with additional play sets.

*Disclaimer – We were sent Dream Town Rose Petal Cottage free of charge for the purpose of review however all thoughts and opinions remain our own* 

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