October Half Term 2015

The kids are in bed and the uniforms are out.  October half term has passed us by in a blur of social engagements and crunchy leaves.  It’s been fabulous but I’m not quite sure I’m ready for them to go back yet, I think I’d like another few days! 

I thought I’d do a quick update of what we’ve been up to this last week or so and share some photos with you! 

Last weekend, which feels like so long ago now, we decided to start out half term off with a trip to Blackpool to see the Illuminations.  This was a first for the kids and actually only the second time I’ve done it myself.  We had a lovely evening with the Butlers and I’m rather hoping we’ll be able to make it a new Butler / Burgess tradition. 

On Saturday the boys went for a “play swim”.  In an attempt to encourage Ben to be a little more focused in his swimming lessons we had promised that Daddy would take him swimming for fun after he’d had three good lessons.  They went to a local leisure centre which has a slide and waves for a mess about and had great fun by all accounts. 

Sunday we made our way over to Liverpool for Toytopia, we made a little video about our day which you can watch here: 

On Monday we had friends over to visit which was lovely as we hadn’t seen them since the middle of the summer holidays, in fact it felt like it had been much longer.  The weather was lovely and ideally we’d have taken them for a run around the park but Emily is still recovering from a broken arm so is on a park ban at the moment! 

Tuesday was a pretty special day for Ben, one which I will write about fully in a separate post but we had a lovely day trip to London to visit Guinness World Record HQ and you can watch a video of our day here: 

Wednesday, Ben and Chloe went to clubs and Amy for a “Hange Day” whilst I spent some time catching up on blog work – it’s amazing how hard it is to get any work done during the holidays.  I guess during term time I rely on Amy’s afternoon sleeps for a bit of time on my laptop, even if it’s just to answer emails.  We try to get a day a week in the holidays where the kids are at childcare so I can work and they can have some time with their mates!

On Thursday we went over to Leeds for a play and catch up with some good friends I used to work with.  From first teaching together in our mid twenties we all got married, bought houses and had 8 children between us.  When we managed to get everyone together in the same place we try to snap a photo – this was the first time we had a picture with newest addition, Noah.  We’ve decided we’re going to look at having a child free weekend away next Spring – so if you’ve got suggestions of lovely places to stay in the York area let me know! 

On Friday we had a day round at the Butlers which was just a good opportunity for the kids to have a play and Mich & I to catch up!  The boys played beautifully together – we had been really nervous about them being in the same class and how it may negatively impact on their relationship but it hasn’t at all.  I couldn’t be more pleased. 

Yesterday we made our way up to Heaton Park to blow away the cobwebs before coming home to get some jobs done in the house.  (I cleaned the oven for the first time in my life and can fully recommend Oven Pride – I had no idea how dirty the oven was until it wasn’t! Mum even thought I’d had someone round to clean it!) 

This coming week will be a busy one for us.  Amy has  Diddi Dance class on Tuesday morning (I will be writing a full review of this soon) and her 2 year check with the Health Visitor on Tuesday afternoon before hair cuts for both girls in preparation for school photos later in the week!  I’ll be working Wednesday and Thursday as normal and somewhere in all that will need to make sure I’m all sorted for Amy’s birthday on Friday!!  Her presents are bought – she has so many toys already but I decided we’d buy her her own pram as she does like to play with Chloe’s which can cause some arguments.  I just need to get them wrapped and a cake bought!  We’re planning on going out for a birthday tea but have yet to decide where to go! 

I’m tired just thinking about it all!  Welcome to November, it’s going to be hectic! 


*Disclaimer – I received a free sample of Oven Pride but was under no obligation to write about it.  House of Fraser have gifted us with Amy’s pram*


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  1. November 2, 2015 / 12:10 pm

    What adorable photos of the kids and fab videos too! I love that you have them all in gap! Haha! Super cute! x

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