The Rare Two-Horned Unicorn!

You might remember that last month I wrote about Ben’s new pet, the ‘chreegal‘?   Well at the same time, Chloe was asked to create her dream horse, and like many girls of her age, she has a bit of a unicorn thing at the moment so this was only every going to go one way.

Introducing the rare two-horned unicorn . . .

Almost as soon as I had mentioned to Chloe that I’d like her to draw me a picture of a magical horse, she produced this  – I had fully expected to sit down and chat to her about it beforehand but she was clearly inspired and so we scanned her picture and sent it off to be made into her very own soft toy.  (Pretty much the most exciting thing ever when you’re six and the attention to detail is incredible on the finished product!)

The rare two-horned unicorn originates from a magical land of kindness and rainbows.  Sadly, the rare two-horned unicorn is on the verge of extinction with only three or or four left in the world.  They make fantastic pets and are easy to look after.  They respond well to training, are fiercely loyal and protect their owners.

To keep your Rare Two-Horned Unicorn at the peak of fitness it needs regular exercise including beach runs and occasionally opportunities for flight.  It’s diet consists of mainly healthy foods such as salad and apples – these help to maintain it’s vivid rainbow-coloured fur.

It’s important not to over feed your rare, two-horned unicorn as this can cause an upset stomach and, as exciting as rainbow unicorn poo sounds, we can promise you it isn’t!

Of course, equine insurance is an important part of being a responsible horse (or unicorn) owner.  Whilst I’m not sure that Horse insurance from Petplan Equine  would cover a rare, two-horned unicorn, they do offer insurance to cover all your equine needs!  Particularly as they are one of the few pet insurance providers who offer genuine “lifetime” policies.

*This post is in collaboration with Petplan, however all thoughts and opinions are my own (or Chloe’s!)*


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