The Yoga Diaries – Week One

Now I’m not about to publish a weekly diary of my Yoga practice, or at least I don’t intend to, however I thought it would be good to document how things have gone in the first week so this post has been written as the week has gone on . . .


This was my very first practice which I wrote about here – you can read all about my reasons for taking up Yoga and how I found it.


This morning I did a sort of “mock” practice mainly for the sake of Dave being able to take baseline photos – I worked through the routine but didn’t particularly push it.  This was mainly because it felt really strange being watched by Dave and also for the fact the kids were watching Frozen loudly in the other room which made it tricky to concentrate.  It’s also harder to do on the living room floor than the kids’ bedroom carpet.   I decided to forgo the evening practice as it was shortly after dinner and I really didn’t fancy doing it on a full stomach.  I’m intending to do a session in the morning while the kids are at school and then one with Dave in the evening.


This morning, as planned, I got home from taking Ben and Chloe to school, gave Amy her bottle, settled her in bed and streamed the video to the tv.  I decided to try a different practice this morning concentrating on my breathing – I’m really bad at holding my breath while I concentrate on getting into the right position which isn’t really the point is it?  Though I found the practice tricky I definitely felt better for it afterwards.

I had planned to do another practice this evening with Dave but I’m feeling quite achey from the work I’ve done already and had twinged my back picking Amy up funny so I thought it was probably better to miss that one.

Oh and in a massive coincidence I’ve been invited to a Hot Yoga session in London at the end of the month, I could hardly turn that down could I!

I can really feel I’ve been working some of my muscles in different ways – there’s that familiar ache that you would normally get post workout.  I quite like that there’s a  bit of an ache there as it’s proving I’ve done some work even though it didn’t necessarily feel like it at the time.  I did two sessions one after another this evening – the first was the initial Tara Stiles with Dave and then I tried a different beginner session with another teacher called Adriene – one which I’d seen mentioned as a more accessible beginner practice.  It was a slower, easier programme for a longer time and I enjoyed doing it (though Dave crashing about in the kitchen towards the end didn’t really help with the whole relaxation thing!)


Today was the first day I didn’t do a session.  It was a conscious decision.  Not because I didn’t have time or couldn’t be bothered, I just chose to have a day off


This morning I received a very thoughtful, surprise delivery!  My very wonderful and kind friend Kirsty had ordered me my own yoga mat! No more sore knees on the laminate flooring!  I couldn’t wait to try it out! I did my ten minute session just before picking the kids up from the childminder and that mat made such a difference – so much more comfortable to not be on the cold, hard floor!


Tonight I did a twenty minute practice with Dave. My new Yoga mat is definitely easier on the knees!  Downward dog felt a little easier tonight, though I still didn’t manage to hold the position the whole time.  I think I got my closer to the floor, though they are still a long way off being flat – my calf muscles are ridiculously tight which I’ve always blamed on wearing high heels (not that I do that very often any more!)   I was surprised to find in a little ache in the twists which was obviously from when I’d done the same practice earlier in the week – I liked that I could feel it though as this meant I knew I’d been effective.  I find the sessions with Dave less focussed, less relaxing.  I try just as hard physically but I think I just get distracted by watching him or commenting on my own movements.  It just means I get something different from each practice I guess.

So . . . there you go.  That’s my first week of Yoga recorded.

To add to my lessons from the first post, these are the things I’ve learned this week:

* Yoga on a full stomach is not comfortable at all (especially if your tummy gets in the way in the first place

* You need to be dressed appropriately – luckily for me I’m almost always wearing leggings so it doesn’t matter but Dave tried to practice in his jeans which was a complete fail!

* Yoga infiltrates your brain! (I’ve found myself thinking about it during the day – about positions / poses or when I will be able to do it next)

This week I’m going to continue working on the same three videos that I’ve done so far.  I’m aiming to continue with one or two practices a day, I want to get more control over my breathing as I get better at the routines and I want to be able to hold the downward dog position for as long as the video suggests!

I’ll let you know how I get on!


  1. January 11, 2015 / 9:49 pm

    I just had an image of Dave trying to do yoga in jeans! hahahahahaha! Good going lovely, you're doing so well with it! x

    • January 11, 2015 / 10:05 pm

      Perhaps I'll photograph that one to add in next week 😉 He didn't get very far before he decided to strip off!

  2. January 11, 2015 / 9:53 pm

    Yoga is something that has never interested me . I thought it was more relaxing than exercise, I shall look into it

    • January 11, 2015 / 10:05 pm

      I felt exactly the same until my friend Molly started to do it and she really inspired me to have a go x

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