Haberman Penguin Cup – Review

Could this be the best trainer cup ever?  Three babies down the line and I’ve tried a lot of sippy cups and drinks bottles . . . I have a cupboard full of the things . . . some leak, some are hard to drink from, some just pour water everywhere if they’re not the right way up.

I have to admit that when I asked if I’d like to try the latest offering from Haberman I didn’t really expect it to be any better or worse than the other cups I’ve tried – I just liked that it was a penguin?!

I couldn’t have been more wrong.  Amy has been using this cup for a few weeks now and she loves it. I love it. It’s flipping ace.  I could happily throw away just about every other cup in the cupboard and replace it with this one!

Haberman Penguin Cup

The Haberman leak-proof valve really is leak proof.  Previously the leak-proof cups I’ve tried have usually had an extra piece which needs fitting in the lid – a pain for washing up as it often gets lost, stops fitting properly or just makes it awkward to clean.  I’ve also found they tend to make it harder for your little one to drink – which is not exactly what we’re looking for in a training cup is it!  The Haberman Penguin cup is easy to drink from – the angled spout is designed to protect teeth and only allows liquid through when your little one sucks and swallows meaning they’re taught to sip rather than glug!

The shape of the cup is fabulous, it is slightly angled forward meaning it doesn’t have to be tipped up too far for your child to get their drink out.

Haberman Penguin Cup

Despite being thrown from the highchair many times (anyone else find this phase very frustrating?!) the lid hasn’t worked loose, it always fits tight and there has never been any sign of leakage.  I’ve even carried it around in my changing bag – no leaks there!

I’m always glad when the children’s things are dishwasher safe – both through hygiene and laziness on my part!  So another point to the penguin!

The handles are easy to grab and the lid is always the right way round – how many sippy cups have you tried where the spout ends up misaligned with the handles? It might seem like a small thing but it’s actually really important when your little one is learning to drink.  They’re already working hard on their hand-eye coordination to get the drink to their mouth in the first place without needing to turn it round because the handles & spout or out of line.

Haberman Penguin Cup

This is by far the most ergonomic training cup I’ve come across – combined with the fact it’s actually, genuinely leak proof and I’m sold.  The best bit?  It’s not even expensive!  Less than a fiver in fact.  Buy one, you won’t regret it!

*We were sent the Haberman Penguin Cup free of charge for the purposes of review however all thoughts and opinions remain our own*

29 thoughts on “Haberman Penguin Cup – Review

  1. The amount of money I've wasted on sippy cups/beakers/flasks that don't acually perform well is stupid. Think I might get Emily one of these as I trust your recommendation.

  2. sounds great, i went through zillions of beakers too. Not a brand I've heard of. Must look and see if they do stuff for older kids too, as we're always losing water bottles at school #triedtested

  3. Wish I'd read this review 2 years ago…the number of cups we got through was crazy. And we lived in Hong Kong then where we were paying a lot more for everything!! #triedtested

  4. Boo has one of these cups but it's the green one, we have been reviewing them too, they are amazing! I couldn't sing it's praises enough, I was actually thinking about buying another so that we have a spare, and I love the penguin design!

  5. I don't think we need these anymore but I kind of want to buy one anyway; they look and sound great! I love that you say that they don't have a separate valve to wash as those bits are always a pain to wash and like you say can come loose. I'll have to remember them for next time! x #TriedTested

  6. It sounds fantastic – I also have a cupboard full of cups and bottles and very few of them actually work well. Might have to try one of these next time! #TriedTested

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