End of year teacher gift ideas!

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Teacher gifts can be something of a contentious issue – and I can totally see both sides of the argument. As a teacher I would hate to think that anyone ever felt obliged to buy me a gift or to contribute to a collection however as a parent I love being able to treat my children’s teachers at the end of the school year and show them how much I appreciate their hard work and I know my children love to take those gifts in.

Little girl with chalkboard message which reads "Thank you for being my teacher"

I have friends who have been given large gift vouchers at the end of each school year and others who end up with more boxes of chocolate than you can shake a stick at. I tell you now, the most treasured gifts I’ve ever received as a teacher were the cards and handwritten notes – both from pupils and parents.

Buying gifts for teachers can be really tricky to get right – I mean how many “best teacher” mugs can one person really need? For me, a teacher gift is a token of my appreciation, it isn’t something I want to spend a fortune on but it is something I want to be enjoyed, not just popped in the back of a cupboard and forgotten about.


I love the idea of my gift enabling the teacher to relax and pamper themselves at the end of the long summer term. These luxurious Sanctuary Spa sets are available in Sainsburys making it easy to just pop on in your trolley while you’re picking up the rest of your groceries! Chloe loves the heart shaped box and can’t wait to give it to her favourite teacher this summer – whereas I’m in love with the rose gold wash bag and would quite like to keep it for myself! Each set contains a selection of Sanctuary body products such a shower gel, body scrub or moisturising lotion and they all smell amazing.

Sanctuary heart shaped gift box
Sanctuary gift set in rose gold bag


I remember buying my Year 6 teacher cigars when I was leaving primary school – he used to sneak off to his car with one of the other teachers to smoke at break times! Imagine that now! Anyway, a bottle of wine or prosseco is a fairly safe bet – though do try to find out if the teacher actually drinks or not or your gift might end up in the bottle draw at Christmas! (So speaks the non-wine drinker over here!) I must admit I’m really not a fan of the “my child might be the reason you drink” labels that have popped up over the last couple of years though.

Nice coffee & biscuits

Again I’m suggesting a present that wouldn’t actually be any good to me as I’m one of those rare teachers who doesn’t actually drink tea or coffee! (In fact around 1/3 of UK adults don’t drink coffee at all which means I’m not quite as unusual as I think I am!) However, nice coffee and biscuits for playtime are almost always going to be well received! (Believe me, there is no bigger win than finding sweet treats on the table in the staff room at playtime after a tough maths lesson!)

Flowers or a house plant

I love having fresh flowers in the house but don’t often by them myself so they always feel a real treat, and in a similar vein I’m a real fan of a house plant – especially ones which come in a nice pot! The supermarket is a great place to pick up plants and flowers for gifts and they don’t cost a fortune either!

Collection of house plants on a window ledge


I mean, do I really need to say more? Chocolate is easy, inexpensive and always well received! I tend to plump for chocolate 9 times out of 10 for my children’s teachers and whilst I know they probably get loads, it feels like a fairly safe bet!


Vouchers are a great way to give a gift without plumping for more “stuff”. Something as simple as a Costa gift card just to buy a coffee and a cake or, if you’re clubbing together with a few other parents, to allow teachers to treat themselves to something they really want – John Lewis or Amazon would cover a lot of bases!

But really, as I said at the start of this post, whilst gifts are always lovely to receive, please don’t ever feel that teachers expect them. I can promise you that we don’t. The most precious gifts are always the heartfelt words of thank you and the handwritten notes – these are the things that mean the most and the things we keep forever.


Paid Partnership with Sanctuary Spa

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